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    What to do at Nether Ceiling?

    Here i am, minding my own business in nether on SMP server, when suddenly i fall into lava. Oh well, no problem, ill just /home away. Done, safe, etc. Hmm, i wonder what will happen if i use /back now...
    Fwoosh - im now standing on the Nether Ceiling.

    First thing i did was set it as one of my homes, so i can always port back there. The question is... why WOULD i want to port back there? Hence this thread - give me ideas!

    Here are a few facts:

    1) online survival multiplayer server - meaning no creative mode, "cheating" addons, etc
    2) The whole "floor" of the ceiling is made of bedrock, so i can't dig down to the "real" nether... but i CAN build up from that ceiling. The ceiling is around 120Y i believe, and i assume that the hardcap will be around 250Y or so
    3) One of my /home commands is now set to it, so i can pop to that ceiling place anytime i want

    Sooo... Surprise me! Give me ideas please on how i can utilise this opportunity for something!
    We dream, we dream.

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    Build nether town

    It would be super cool if the admin would delete enough bedrock to make a path down into the nether. Sort of like your town is a safe zone.

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    Just make a complete new nether on top xDD

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