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    Challenge Modes

    Hello Guys.

    So my question is, challenge modes, how hard are they? Ive been looking for some cool transmog gear for my warrior and shaman, and ive found out that Gold Medal in challenge mode has some pretty neat features.

    Anyone have any tips/advices how to do them and obtain the gold medal gear?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. #2 as for doing them there's plenty of youtube guides to walk you through.
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  3. #3 is a great guide. use openraid chat to find people and gz.
    9/9 gold can be done in some hours. i got set on 4 chars atm

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    Ah thats great!

    Thanks alot Salystra!

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    Quote Originally Posted by shindaah View Post is a great guide. use openraid chat to find people and gz.
    9/9 gold can be done in some hours. i got set on 4 chars atm
    Awesome! Thank you!

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    Prot Warrior here, finished Gold on 05.05.2013.

    You (the whole group) need to be quite skilled with your characters and know what you're doing.

    If you're the leader you also should be pretty prepared and know some tricks (blue ghost in Scarlet Monastery if you got a DK, as example) via videos or websites like this one.

    You need a group of 5 with everyone being dedicated and motivated to do Gold in each dungeon. This includes some kind of patience and persistence.
    As the awarded title says, be undaunted.

    I recommend to just start with Bronze/Silver for every dungeon. Get your title and phoenix for the first motivation, then go for Gold

    Some instances are quite easy, some are mediocre, and a few of them like Brewery are unforgiving.
    I'll just rate them now from hardest to easiest, perhaps it helps:

    - Scarlet Monastery
    - Stormstout Brewery (almost on par with Monastery)
    - Scholomance
    - Siege of Niuzao Temple
    - Mogu'shan Palace (the first pull including the first boss is the most difficult part imo)
    - Temple of the Jade Serpent
    - Gate of the Setting Sun
    - Shado-Pan-Monastery (we were really surprised, we got Gold in our first Gold run. incoming damage is quite hefty sometimes, but the mechanics are not that difficult)
    - Scarlet Halls (we forgot some trash mobs and still had plenty of time left to run back and get them xD)

    Well, thanks to the extra sockets and the new cooldown-reducing trinkets, I think it's a bit easier now. Should still prove a Challenge, nonetheless, which is good.

    Good luck!
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