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    Power Leveling Fastest way

    Hello, looking for the fastest way to power level from 80 to 85... i have 5 1 to 80s i want to level quickly.. Any help..


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    If you are not on a big server, then farming this item would be the best thing to do. Got from 80-84 in an hour from Stonecore. Farm that rare and you will be good to go, just don't die because you will lose the buff.

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    Wpw Pro addon. Just follow the arrow. http://wow-pro.com/addon

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    ook you in the dooker at the dooker dome!!!

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    Find a place to get Zygors Leveling Guide (Better and more complete than WoW-Pro, and you can find it for free with some google magic)
    Join a level 25 guild
    Get as many Heirlooms as you can get
    Go Go Go
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    Wait 2 weeks in a rested area for full rested exp.
    Make sure you have full xp heirlooms.
    Be in a level 25 guild for perks.
    Get any special event 10% exp buffs (Brewfest has one).
    Do 1 of each Cataclysm dungeon for the quests (Except Throne of Tides and Halls of Origination because they have no quests located inside the instance).
    Otherwise quest between queues in the highest level area you can.

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