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    >fly like demon in wow
    >burning legion expansion comes
    >all mobs are green
    >befriend sargeras
    >becomes bro
    >poisons his Koolaid™ when chillin'
    >gets mad level ilvl 5467 loot for guild
    > /gquit

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    I think this would be awesome. Maybe not as a permanent flying mount but I think it would be cool to have an ability to fly as long as you have enough fury and once it runs out then that's it so you would just have to be careful when flying. Also it wouldn't go as fast as a normal mount, it could go as fast as the flying cloud glyph Monks have. I'd say that would balance out the unfairness of being able to fly while others can't. If not flying I think it should be able to have at least like a gliding ability where you can jump off of high cliffs and just float down like the Mage can with it's one ability i forget the name of. I think same should apply with other classes that have wings such as the paladin when it does Avenging Wrath. I mean it would only make sense for the look. If the wings for the demo warlock and paladin are just for show why not just make some different design for it if they're not going to be used? That's just the way I look at it. If I were making a game and had some character with wings I'm going to make use of them not just keep the character on the ground all the time and have the wings there just to look pretty. Otherwise there would be no point in making a character (or a design in WoW's case) with wings.
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    paladins get wings, priests can glyph wings. should they be able to fly as well?

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    Mages can fly in lore, too. Both of them should, actually. It isn't unique to druids and monks.

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    Warlocks got basically 4 class mounts. Thats enough. Although since nightmares are able to fly, they should count as flying mount too after you got your flying 225 skill.

    PS: Please make the Nightmare glyph working with the green fire!

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    This has been on my wishlist all expac. Maybe another warlock questline, where the reward is the ability for all 3 specs to gain demonic wings and instant flight, like druids.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Novx View Post
    That flight would get really awkward really fast when you run out of Fury.
    Won't be a problem if you use the glyph that allows you to take on a half demon form, thereby getting wings

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ciddy View Post
    I'm....not sure how it'd work for warriors though. I guess Bladestorming through the air could work if you really stretched it.

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