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    Shadowcraft help

    I was under the impression that haste/crit and mastery all started to equal out in value once the t16 2 piece was obtained. Before that I thought stacking mastery or haste (depending on gear) was the way to go.

    Shadowcraft is telling me to reforge a bunch of haste into crit. (I thought haste was more valuable until the t16 2 piece)

    Why is this?

    Any help is appreciated, thanks.

    Since this is my first post, I'm not able to link apparently. My character is Meesh on Tarren Mill EU.

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    You are correct, once you have 2pT16, Legendary Meta and Cloak(both increase the value of haste), all three secondaries will tend to even out.

    But currently, you have none of that, so for you Mastery is king and the exact values of Crit, Haste and Expertise may fluctuate a lot depending on your exact setup.

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    So is shadowcraft mistaken or bugged? Should I reforge according to it?

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    What? Why would it be bugged?
    It's telling you to reforge Mastery and there is absolutely nothing about your character that suggest you should even consider doing otherwise.

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    To me it is suggesting reforging into crit for various items. It also thinks I have two gem slots on my OH. It also wants me to gem into a Glinting Imperial Amethyst in a blue slot for a 60 agi socket bonus when im way over hit cap(in which I would be losing a 20 agility). It doesen't make any sense.
    Thats why Im wondering if it is incorrect.
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    It's showing 2 gems because you can use the legendary item to put an extra gem slot into your tot dagger

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    it wants me to cap white hit? Sorry for the potentially stupid questions.
    I am above 9% hit

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    It makes perfect sense.
    Look at the stat weights to the left. Crit is worth more than Haste, so it will try to reforge Crit->Haste if it can't reforge Haste->Mastery
    The value of hit rating is not zero past the cap, 160 Hit rating is worth more than 20 agility. You should go for the socket bonus in your helm and shoulders as well.

    And yes, hop on over to the Black Talon Quartermaster and buy an Eye of the Black Prince for your OH.

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    Ah, I was confused on the stat weights. Thanks for the help both,(and for your patience)

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