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    purified bindings + prismatic prison

    Maybe a stupid question ;-)
    But anyone tried if hunters get the mastery + haste from these trinkets?
    and if both trinkets maybe stack?
    This is 14% mastery and haste + 14% higher crit dmg (if both stack), both non hc 0/2.
    Just a thought if those stats outweight an agility procc.

    I heard caster saying they want the int dps and int healer trinket just cause of the base stats.

    Any thoughts?

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    I'm about 95% sure those trinkets don't work/function for us.

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    i think you get the base stats

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    If it did work, Blizzard would fix it ASAP.

    So, don't steal trinkets from your casters/healers for something that likely doesn't work and would be fixed if it does.

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    even if it did work. Agi is so much better than secondary stats, that my guess would be a no.

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    14% mastery and haste and 14% more krit dmg? ALL the time
    vs a 11,7k agi procc (0,92 ppm/115 secs cd)...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ganove View Post
    14% mastery and haste and 14% more krit dmg? ALL the time
    vs a 11,7k agi procc (0,92 ppm/115 secs cd)...
    Except you are trading that for 39% CD reduction, the agility proc (which our agility scaling is fantastic. Our secondary stat scaling sucks) Plus, the 2k mastery from Ticking Ebon Det and its proc.

    No way in hell that 14% Mastery, Haste, and Crit damage makes up for that.

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    It's not straight up 14% haste or mastery. Read what the description says - Amplify. So even if it worked it would take your mastery and haste and multiply by 14%. But no matter how you look at it, it is a bad idea.

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    I'll sim it for shits and giggles, give me a few minutes to post results.

    EDIT: A severe DPS loss for me, at least 20k.
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    German tooltip reads different.
    So forget about that :P

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