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    How do old raid lockout work?

    Hi, I have a question about doing old raids.

    me and a friend are gonna try solo some old content and its not clear to me how the ID system work.

    Let's say that we killed patchwerk on 10 men, can we change to 25 after? or if u killed a boss on 10 men, ur stuck on 10 men

    also, lets say that we go ICC and we killed marrowgarr on normal, can we then kill deathwhisper on heroic? or vice versa, we kileld marrowgarr on heroic, can we kill deathwhisper on normal?

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    Wotlk lockouts for 10m and 25m are the same, they're not separate anymore. They still have a difference in ilevel and difficulty, if you care. You can swap to heroic/normal in the middle of a raid, just like now, and you need to have cleared the instance in normal first, just like now.

    For resets, it's my understanding that they have universally made all the raids reset on Tuesday now.

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