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    People apparently think tri-spec means adding specs to each class. That's not what's being discussed here at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cle View Post
    Its not like having to reconfigurate one of your dual spec settings to get third spec is anything important. There is no reason to not have 3spec system.
    Let me give you a quick example.........

    "Oh I am gonna need on this because it's for my third spec I never play anyway"

    Do you know how much griefing and anger has been shed in 5 mans for needing for just a SECOND spec? Run as a warrior with a holy pally main spec in the group see how fun that is.
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    I wouldn't wantn tri-specc, dual-specc is quite the good choice to have.

    But as I see it, tri-specc wouldn't give to it's fullest. Just never liked that some players can specc into, oh wait, a 3rd DPS specc. I understand the use of 2 specc, Tank/heal, PvE/PvP and so on. and yes, I know you can use this discussion for Tri-specc too but I find it a bit over using it then.

    A tri-specc would be online, then of course we could have some classes who can go Tank/Heal/DPS (but is problematic to gear them correct for some). Maybe PvE/PvE/PvP? Those are all view points, but I think it'll leave out the chunk of the game that is important too - choices. The part where we, the players, need to do our choices and use them in play. If having 3rd specc was possible, then the need of chosing was but minimal, almost none. Unless you know your selection to be. Or, you are a druid.

    I mean, the talent tree is so simple, that you can easily shift around on talents to fit the fight faster than actually changing the specc. So, in the end, it's just really useful for the people who holds a 3rd specc to use within a situation.

    Tank and heal, both can easily be shifted to fit pvp by changing gear and a talent. The more open topic comes if people wish a DPS specc as well.

    Many players just wish for more, and more. More open functions, less need to ponder about choices.
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    I think having a trispec for a PVP spec would be kinda cool to have!

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