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    Your opinion on 5.4 Arena Healers

    Hello guys,

    First off I wanted to say I'm not planing to rant or call out for nerf I just wanted your opinion.
    Since 5.4 rolled around I jumped on my main character - a rogue - and started doing some arenas.
    My arena partner for the most part is a ret paladin.

    I seamed to notice that healers are beast mode compared to the last patch.
    Me and my partner didn't stand a chance against a healer that actually knew what he was doing.

    I still have hope that as we get further into the season our gear will improve and balance this thing out but what's your point of view on this?
    As for our "skills" we are both 1850+ players with the pally being a Grand Marshal.

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    disc - holy priests

    other healers here

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    I dunno, I find shamans / hpala single target healing to be high, but more susceptible to CC. also lacking useful CC compared to other healers.

    resto druids / MW monks I would say are t2 material, i've found the HOTW nerf to rdruids brings them down imo. At some points My rdruid partner would solo a dps while we're tunneling a healer.

    Priests seem atm to be abit to good, but not from a healing perspective, but more to their utility (short CD vanish) combined with their AE cc.

    at the end of the day any of the healers are viable to 2.2k +.

    depends on whos playing the healer and their partners, people only seem to tunnel vision the idea of meta and fotm. kinda disappointing tbh

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    From what everyone is saying from the PTR, until you get grievous healers are going to be amazing due to the increase in resil.
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    Holy Priest >>>>>>>>>>>>Disc>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Everyone else.

    It's noticeable in 3s pretty easily but if you ever play 2s you'll notice IMMEDIATELY. Put a holy priest with a druid for clone and they can do this all game:
    Chastise --> Fear --> MC --> Cyclone --> (insert partner actually having to CC for 6s since fear isn't off CD) --> repeat since chastise DR's are up. Reminds me of the insane CC chains hpals could dish out in 5.1.

    But that's obviously 2s, they can't get all that shit off as easy in 3s, but jeebus.

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    its not that healer is good. its that damage is low since the base resiliance increase. once everyone has full grevious gear it will change alot. did you see the ilvl increase from tyranical? its a large jump.

    for 2s right now and before people get weapons, the smart thing to do is play healer/dps and turtle, hope you get the buff after 15minutes and win. double dps just will not win a fight right now.
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    Holy/Disc Priests > RDruids > Shamans > Monks > Paladins.

    That being said, things are going to change once people get more gear. It'll allow mobility classes (Druids/Monks) to have a better time since they can't be trained to death by cleaves as easy. A Holy Priest once everyone is full Grievous will die reasonably fast, so it should balance out in the end. Guess we'll know in a few weeks how things turn out.

    As for the OP, Ret/Rogue should be fine against Shaman and Paladin healers in 2s, you'll probably never kill the other 3 healers though. And on a slightly unrelated note, are you getting a lot of healer teams running double DPS? When I did double DPS I fought 1 healer team in 11 games, when I did DPS/Healer we fought 8 healer teams in 12 games. Obviously it's a small sample size, but was wondering if anyone else noticed this trend.

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    I also noticed we face less healer teams in 2s when I play as double dps, vise versa when i play as healer/dps.
    Not sure if this is intended, or just the fact my healer has higher rating than my dps, thus pairing us with healer/dps teams mostly.
    Been playing some fun comps and I am really enjoying the no teams thing.(yay got my viscious warhorse).

    Side note- On my healer in 2's, I went 25-1 with different partners, but as I started out ranking my arena partners, I was not happy to see my rating for wins dropped from 96 to like 12,(floating around 1711 rating) While my partner was still getting 96 per win. Some people were telling me thats wrong and I should be over 2k rating, but I think it may have to do with the fact many of my partners were low rating still..

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    I never thought it was a good idea to put players into a box because of their chosen class. Would you rather have a priest partner because there is a perception that they're "better" than a druid or shaman healer, or would you rather have any of the other healer classes who know how to play their class and know how to support their partner?

    I've experienced better results with the latter, where even an undergeared healer was better able to assist me in winning more matches than a well-geared fotm healer who had some kind of "if we don't win it's your fault" attitude.

    That said, I do believe that some healers have better synergy with certain classes than others...but that's what gives the game depth. Take the differences away and the game becomes quite boring.

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    Holy priest > Disc priest > resto shaman > resto

    Only reason why resto shaman is at top is because priest is overpowered at the moment. Holy priests don't have to cast and they don't have mana issues. It's too easy to get fears off with new feathers

    EDIT: Reason why resto druids are not that good is because caster cleaves are weak against warriors (not enough damage to blow something up) and arena is flooded with priests and with feathers priest can easily gear fear on druid
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    Holy priest are n1 imo, disc still strong. Monks are still powerful enough...

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