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    Soloed Niuzao- sort of


    So sitting here at 1200, thinking about what I could do. So I ran around the island getting all the buffs from the stone things.. Had the 25% damage red buff , had most of the class buffs and CoI.

    I took him to 68% in 23 mins. I could have finished the job but sitting there was to nerv wracking to go on.

    Pallys are not broken so dont worry about it.

    I dont know just kind of random


    The buff he gives you stacks till 10. I had 2.4 mil hp. It drops off of you and the boss at 10 stacks. With that much HP my heals were doing 400k+ un crit.

    Its harded with lower HP.

    Down time is during earth quake. Gives you time to heal and run away if you have to.
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    You should have finished the job.

    Trump this, Trump that

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    Man I've also jumped on this with my Pally, only to 85%. Definitely something to do to kill time.

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    I soloed Chi-ji down to 10% with no buffs other then Battle Shout yesterday before being killed by an Ally DK.
    I had to have someone come drop a jeeves at about 40%.
    I tried again today but Horde finished him once he got to 40%.

    I recorded both but not gonna bother rendering an hour of video unless I finish him.

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