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    The current state of warriors

    Hey guys! I'm just wondering how warriors are atm, pve wise and pvp. Is a prot warrior a good tank, is arms or fury doing decent dps? I'm just curious as too which alt to level up.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Good. We are in the best all around state that we have been in a long time. PVE, any 3 of the specs is viable. Warriors are coming back in PVP as well. Good time to grow a beard.

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    Loving it!

    But, enjoy it while it lasts, that nerf hammer is getting hotter by the minute.
    "Next-Gen" is only a marketing label and not an actual advancement in the Graphics side of games, so quit fooling yourself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ButterToast View Post
    That nerf hammer is getting hotter by the minute.
    Good. Hot metal is easier to bend.

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