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    Dietary (un)saturated fats =/= bad. Removing fats from your diet is a bad idea.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Acknowledge View Post
    Swimming, Running, Rowing... Science & professionals can't seem to decide what the best way to loose weight is.
    So what do you think?
    Any experience?
    It really doesn't matter what kind of exercise you do, all of them work.

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    Cut out artificial sugar (sodas), stay away from processed food. Its really nothing more to it.
    Weight loss comes mostly from your diet, exercise just supports it.

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    TO directly answer the OP's question - ALL OF IT! Anything that gets the heart beating and gets you sweating is good!

    > dedicate yourself and be consistent. Never be afraid to remind yourself of your goals. Never put something off "until tomorrow" - today is the best day for everything.
    > eat 50-65% of the portions you currently eat
    > eat breakfast everyday (even if it's a very small breakfast)
    > have healthy snacks between meals
    > start aerobic exercises aka cardio (biking, jogging/walking, jumping jacks, jumping rope, plyometrics, cardio circuits, etc.)
    > if already excercising regularly, increase the length of exercises, consider switching up to exercises outside your "comfort zone" (which isn't saying to do exercises you don't feel comfortable doing, but rather to "switch up" your exercises so you and your body/muscles don't become stagnant/complacent)
    > cut out any high sugar drinks/snack
    > monitor your caloric intake, make sure you eat plenty of proteins, and again CUT THE SUGAR (and fat to a lesser, but I think sugar is usually the biggest culprit as opposed to fat which is usually just a scapegoat)
    > cut out sugar
    > cut out sugar
    > cut out sugar

    ps. I went from 235 pounds, to ~224 pounds in a week after I stopped drinking mountain dew (to be fair, I was drinking nearly 100+oz. a day). I've found the best (and maybe only) way to lose "visible fat" is to focus on your diet - and specifically - YOU GUESSED IT - REDUCING SUGAR INTAKE! Two years later I feel pretty good gettin around at ~190lbs =)
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    Food & Drink

    1. Eat Healthy, drop the sugar and all kinds of sweets in drinks/food like coke & chips/candy whatever. Drink alot of water throughout the day.

    Breakfast - Snack - Lunch - Snack - Dinner - Snack

    With "Snack" i do not mean candy or sweets, it can be a fruit and a glass of milk/water, a couple of nuts and something to drink - just something to keep you from being hungry in between your big meals to stay away from the shitty food.


    1. Excersise EVERY day!

    Go to the gym - warm up for 10-12 minutes - hit the weights. More muscle mass = Higher metabolism = Less bodyfat

    Go out for a run - intervals or jogging.

    Go out for a walk - POWERWALK - walk fast and do it for an 40-60min.

    Choose the stairs instead of the elevator - the small things add up!

    Don't sit still for a longer period, it can be something as simple as going up to get a glass of water. Do 10-20 pushups every hour or so - very simple.


    Sleep for ATLEAST 7 hours a night. Not less.

    Good luck to you!

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    Count calories and walk a lot.

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    Intermittent Fasting is a method, would not recommend it for an average person tho. You need to be in a caloric deficit. Calculate at how many calories a day you stay on your weight (takes a bit time and trial and error). Lets say it is 2500 cal. Now consume 300 cal less. Any more then 300 and your metabolism slows down too much. You must see your body as a furnace. More wood (calories) thrown into it the harder it burns the wood (calories). Also do cardio 2-3 times a week. Try that for 2-3 weeks and if you don't see results do high intensity interval training or HIIT (google) 2 times on top of you regular cardio. Also if you drink alcohol a lot or even in consideration, this can be a huge impact on your weight loss progress. Alcohol contains a lot of calories, and those calories are so called "empty calories". They have NO nutritional value what so ever. Hope this helps!

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    Simply put:

    Burn more than you consume.

    Don't go below 1400 Calories per day as a man or 1100 as a woman. Balance your diet. Find out your BMR as a base guideline and workout (Mixed cardio/weight training) around that point for excess burn you might need to counteract your intake.

    As long as your BMR and daily exercise overtakes your calorie intake you WILL lose weight. Just don't overdo it and don't expect overnight success. Your body weight can fluctuate 1-2 kilos depending on water retention and other things so just keep at it. Measure results in your size rather than your weight.


    Note: Natural Yoghurt is your best friend.
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    Eat more fruits and veggies! If anyone ever tells you not to eat them because of sugars or starches...stop listening...they are nuts and not thinking straight. Yes, fruits and corn are food so they have calories but they are chalked full of fiber and nutrients that reduce cravings. It will also help reduce your dependency on processed sugar so you will not crave oreos as much (or whatever you crave).

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    Quote Originally Posted by aquarious View Post
    Eat more fruits and veggies! If anyone ever tells you not to eat them because of sugars or starches...stop listening...they are nuts and not thinking straight. Yes, fruits and corn are food so they have calories but they are chalked full of fiber and nutrients that reduce cravings. It will also help reduce your dependency on processed sugar so you will not crave oreos as much (or whatever you crave).
    Eating too much fruit is still bad, even if they're healthy, if you can't see that you're nuts to be honest. You don't need to eat more to lose weight, you need to eat the right ammount.

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    I've lost and gained weight many times in the past.

    When I was younger I was a proffessional athlete. My shape and body was amazing. After an injury I started commiting more to WoW and eating more and more. I reached a point where I was 140kg or 308lbs.
    After quiting WoW and realising that I am fat I decided to lose weight again. Of course I couldnt jump straight into a diet as they are describing above... eating healthy etc... Neither I could train that hard as people describing above. But thats the point of not being a proffessional, most of the posts I see in this thread comes out from people that using simple logic in order to lose weight but they don't realise that depending on your weight you have different needs, and different capabilities.

    So I started eating abit less, and hitting the gym for like 2-3 times a week, very simple staff. Each month Id see a difference and the best thing is that my strenght was coming back. So I started Gyming more, re-signed into my old sport got the motivation, eat more healthy and more healthy and more healthy after 8 months i reached 85kg or 187lbs (i am 1.91m or 6.3 tall). Kept my motivation, then winter came had a bit of a break gained a bit of weight again not that much but a bit of fat here and there, before summer started training hard lost all of it, and pretty much thats what has been happening for the past 5 years now.

    I gain a bit of weight during winter and i lose it before summer.

    I know this isn't the best way to do it according to proffessionals but works very well for me and for my sport as well. Also my health is beyond fine, I get checkups as an athlete every 3 months and nothing to worry about.

    My suggestion for losing weight! MOTIVATION! Don't look through forums to find a way... if you really want you will do it by yourself. Steps are simple, you know your body and how it works, work it out, see what makes you lose weight either its training or eating less or even eating more and doing hard training or whatever... If you feel you can't do that then go and get advice from a proffessional and not some forums that will just give you simple tactics...

    An example: For me right now if I was eating what everyone else says : breakfast snack launch snak dinner snack whatever... I would be 5 kilos... Why? Cause i train 5 hours a day... Even if I am eating 5 cheesburgers from Shake Shacs a day and Icecream and whatever you can imagine I won't gain weight. Ill lose weight and a lot of it cause my muscles won't sustain and Ill start burning my muscles.

    So I made that post to let you know that you need to be Motivated, stop looking for advices in forums, go to a proffessional and ask for help or if you think you can handle do it on your own as you know your own body and its needs.!

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    They best way to loose weight is to sell your computer and go outside. (i.e quit wow)

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    Poor OP. No wonder people struggle with and are so confused about weight loss, diet, exercise, etc. 11 pages...9 of which are absolute nonsense, and 2 of decent information. A shame the nonsense overshadows the few good posts.

    Quote Originally Posted by Nikoll
    Stop getting horny goo, judge on cd.

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    eat less calories than you burn in a day... OR... do HIIT training 3 times a week. If you don't know what it is, google it!

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    Thanks for posting....

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    run. works like a charm. i used to have a giant tub of lard around my waist, starting to see some abs after a few months of running every day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roosky View Post
    Crap food is actually good once a week at least when trying to lose weight and soda doesn't effect weight loss, especially the diet ones, you need some fat still in your diet, cheat day is a good thing.
    cheat day is for serious body builders, not for regular dieters. cheat day kickstarts the bodys metabolism after the week of less food so it doesnt go full starvation mode, replenishes some sugars/energy and the only thing that carries over is motivation to get through another week rather than constant restriction. extremes like that are not needed for slow and reasonable weight loss.

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    I lost weight but cutting out everything refined and highly processed. I only eat meats, fresh veggies and fruits. I do not eat grains, legumes, sugar or dairy. I've never felt better! If you are an out of control eater you need to change your relationship with food, until then you will just be on an endless loop.

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