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    Legendary meta..? (healer)

    So I returned to the game a few weeks ago after a ~9 month break and just got my Legendary metagem.

    Thing is though, either something is wrong or its just terrible. So far I've gone through probably 15 powerbars worth of Penance, Renew and Flash Heals without seeing it proc even once. I even tried running around renewing everyone I saw in stormwind, including NPCs for about 2-3 minutes.
    It doesn't show up with my buffs, the weakaura I made for it (spell ID 137323) never pops and I'm keeping a close eye on my manabar too. Nothing...

    So I guess what i'm asking is if it's worth using over the Int+crit or even the spirit gem? I assume it is but wth is going on here?


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    Yes it only works if you actually heal people.

    Take fall damage and heal yourself a few times. It'll proc.
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    Did you just spam heals on random people ? I'm guessing you were out of combat. Try smiting a target dummy for a while.

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    Attack an enemy. Take damage. Heal yourself. It'll proc.

    Doesn't proc if you don't actually heal anything.

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    Right, that seemed to do the trick. Thanks a bunch!

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