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    Enhancement tips for Garrosh 10m Normal

    Hey guys, I'm about to step into Garrosh 10m normal for the first time tomorrow and I wanted to see if any other enhancement shamans have any personal tips for the fight. Things like talent/glyph changes, or specific play strategy would help. We are trying to get the first kill for our huge guild.

    Let me know if you have any tips and thanks!

    My character is Koren on US-Aerie Peak, alliance. It won't let me link my profile.

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    We don't use the balls to help kill the adds. So save your lava lash for a few seconds just before the adds come out and you will aoe like a champ hehe. Are aoe is actualy Purdy decent if the adds are alive for more then 40 secs haha

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    This is my kill as enh a few weeks ago this was week one of release..

    P1 is a cleave fest just make sure you do not get hit by the iron star get the interupt on the shaman they come out right as iron stars are coming out so be aware of that.
    You only interrupt chain heal.

    When Garry is doing his empowerment thing dmg here to him is wasted till he comes outso if there is adds out kill them.

    of all the heart phases only one of them do you actually need to split.. as you can see during terrace I just sprint all the way down pop Rage/totem and just wait for everyone else.. make sure you get the little yellow PW: Shield looking thing on the ground

    Phase 2: is broken down into three sections at least for our kill it was.
    P2: beginning
    p2: Heart
    P2: after second empowerment
    in the beginning you can try and run CD's to live in the whirling shit but I dont suggest it. Just go and stack.. MC's are a joke since you can nearly global someone out of it make sure you have your interrupt ready.

    you should have a transition prob mid way through this.

    after the second empowerment phase you have to dps the little adds that spawn from the whirl you can solo those down if they are not empowered I would recommend having your sprint ready just in case another one gets killed next to you.

    P3 Lust and burn
    interrupt the MC adds only interrupts work no stuns etc just turn and burn the melee ones
    Kill the boss and enjoy!

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    Yea, the aoe buff to fire nova increased our damage, but it didn't really fix how clunky and button heavy it is. You have one spec that aoes like a champ with 1 button (chain lightning) and another spec that has to ramp it up and hope mobs don't die too fast.

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    I wouldn't say ramping is a huge issue for Enh, I did a few pulls on Garrosh today on my alt Enh, and well... did a few 1Mill DPS+ pulls. Most of it being glyphed CL and Nova.

    Just put Unleash>Flame on the pull, Ascend and do all the normal stuff except save LavaLash for when the adds get in range, Lash and immediately Nova. nova becomes your #1 prio by a massive margin during the AoE here, even chain lightning gotta wait if Nova is on CD. Easy ~700k DPS for as long as there are adds up. That's with an alt Enh at 539 gear.

    Obviously legendary cloak cleaves like crazy as well so keep in mind your positioning, if you have it.
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    The setup I used was:

    Echo of the Elements
    Primal Elementalist
    Ancestral Guidance
    Glyph of MW5

    1. Pop everything at the start and nuke. Fire Nova rules. So use Unleash before Fire Nova, not Flame Shock.
    2. Asendance should be up for every transition phase I used it there with AG to help with the healing.
    3. Back out and use PE on Boss.
    4. Save a MW5 stack for the Whirling Corruption (run out and off heal)
    5. Pop HTT on the Empowered Whirling Corruption, spread and dps the add.
    6. Pop Bloodlust again in last phase, and nuke him down.

    Note: Make sure you are comfortable with Wind Shear, since you want to interrupt the healing add and mind controlled players.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Donjuanatron View Post

    But it didn't really fix how clunky and button heavy it is. You have one spec that aoes like a champ with 1 button (chain lightning) and another spec that has to ramp it up and hope mobs don't die too fast.
    To be honest, Garrosh is one of the few fights were the adds have plenty of HP and don't die too quickly.

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    Save your lava lash for the adds coming out, just delay a few seconds. Before p3, you can cooldown and use maelstrom to heal yourself through his empowered whirl. Odds are you'll be using an AG there anyway, so just sit on him and dps, doesnt really hurt too much till p3. Hopefully you have your two-piece, cause EotE and UF are the titties for this fight. AS comes ahead on single target, but on this fight you can get a shit load of add dmg with EotE and then make fun of your AoE competitors and tell them they suck, and if they say "well fire nova was buffed" you can tell them to fuck off and youre still better. Other than that, don't stand in shit, switch to mind controls and the rest is pretty basic for melee. Good luck!

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    I used Echo+PE+Guidance and Glyphed Fire Ele, Nova and CL with Assurance of Consequence. Tons of cleave and then tons of single target. The fights a bit wild but all I can say is do your job properly and you'll do well. I found enhance overall to excel at this fight until things get crazy at the end.
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    I find it hard to get myself to spec all into AoE for this fight because the single target is so important after phase 1. Can get some massive numbers speccing AoE, but it doesn't seem to help the fight as much in the second/third phase, which is where the most important damage is needed.

    After about 30 attempts, I've decided to keep UF since I have my 2 set bonus and I like keeping Fire Ele unglyphed because he stays up for so much more of the add phase in the beginning of the fight. With Assurance of Consequence, I've always got Ascendance up for every transition phase to couple with Ancestral Guidance, so that makes a huge difference in healers for the transition phase.

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    on our kill i had PE / EM, looking back at it now i kind of regret not going UF / EoTe considering all the cleave in beginning and you could just have sustain dps the rest of the fight.

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