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    WoW Steelseries mouse worth the money?

    I saw that they were having a sale for the WoW steelseries mouse: http://shop.steelseries.com/us/steel...y-edition.html and thought I would have a look at it.

    I have this mouse currently: http://www.amazon.com/CM-Storm-Xorne.../dp/B005TEPB74 . It hasn't really given me too many problems but on Windows 8 it has a bug that it double clicks every few times and the update to the firmware fixes it, but it still happens randomly maybe 1/70-1/100 clicks and sometimes it won't click but to be honest, its not a HUGE problem. I've always wanted to get the steelseries mouse since it had a ton more buttons than my puny 2 button mouse, but it was always way too over my budget.

    Now that its on sale, I wanted to go give it a gander, and I kinda feel like the 40.00 price is affordable now. The only problem is, I don't really wanna buy it if its not up to par/not as good as people say it is. So MMO-C, how is the steel series mouse? Is it worth it? Does it impact your WoW/MMO gameplay enough to warrant you getting it? Any glaring issues that I would need to know about?

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    The only issue I can see is that it isn't a Naga or a G600. Personally I don't think any other type of mouse design comes close for MMO's, but if you can get the Steelseries cheap and you aren't bothered then why not, give it a try. The double click issue you have with your mouse seems to be an issue with most high end mice, most famously Razer. The steelseries mice are not popular enough for us to really hear about it like we do with the Razer/Logitech.

    I've only tried the Steelseries mouse in a shop though, not with extensive gaming of any kind. But the fact that I use 15 of the Nagas 19 buttons/clicks (including many with shift modifiers and some with CTRL modifiers) I couldn't go back to a more basic mouse. This is both a good and bad thing, good because the mouse is awesome and it opened up possibilities for me to improve my gameplay, bad because once you learn to use it you must always use a Naga style mouse, there is no turning back!

    Rambled a bit there, It's not a Naga/G600 so can't recommend for playing MMO games.
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    I have the Cata MMO mouse, and whilst it's a little small for me to use properly, I'd recommend it. However, I would recommend it against the high-end Logitech gaming mice in that price range.

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