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    [A] 14/14N 25M SoO - Join Natural Order!

    Natural Order is a distinguished, long-running guild (since 2006!) with stable leadership. I have been running things since the start by choosing the best leaders I can find and continue to work towards our goal:

    Hardcore Raiding on a Casual Schedule

    We hope you'll consider visiting our website: http://naturalorderguild.com and check us out. If you're an old retired vanilla player or a new guy ready to prove your worthiness, we may be the place for you.

    Natural Order focuses on these qualities and standards for raiders and members:
    ◘ Desire to understand class mechanics
    ◘ Interest in doing more than just raiding content
    ◘ Hunger for progression
    ◘ Ability to follow the golden rule
    ◘ A great sense of humor
    ◘ 25M Content!

    Now, the part everyone cares about!

    ● We raid Tuesday, Thursday, & Sunday @ 7:30 EST.
    ● We run until 11:30 EST and sometimes +/- 30 minutes to keep the run smooth.
    ● We're currently 14/14, cleared normals for a stronger heroic start.

    What we *need*:
    ◘ Shadow Priest (Comparable to Rylaatrix, our current star, he needs company) w/either Healer offspec
    ◘ Elemental Shaman w/Restoration offspec

    What we *want*:
    ◘ Quite literally any class with the passion for progression
    ◘ Someone who is introspective, intellectually curious, and easy going
    ◘ Gear doesn't matter, but legendary progression does- you must at least be *close* to your cloak

    What we'll take:
    Don't meet our requirements to raid but still like the idea of being in a large, active, fun guild? No problem! We do a lot of games, have an epic in-guild quest with lore, and a vastly diverse culture with real life parties. You can become a member, run flex raids, build yourself up and integrate yourself into our core over time rather than with an immediate spot.

    So again, drop by http://naturalorderguild.com and apply. Our application process is pretty easy. Got a package deal? Want to speak with us on mumble? No problem. Just add Zhenia1984#1985 (our HR lady) and chat with her for more info!

    Also do not hesitate to whisper myself, Restomak, Combipup, Eevee, Nervie, or Bryä in-game.

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    Heroics this coming week, let's see some recruits!

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    Heroic progression begins today, looking for new faces to join us!

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