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    The main issue with Timeless Isle is that it's a zone based around exploration... which is also very small. These two facts represent a contradiction in design philosophy which is highly detrimental. Choosing to experiment with a new form of content while simultaneously outright stating that the zone designers are busy with next expansion stuff didn't work out so well in retrospect. For an exploration-based sandbox content hub to work, there simply has to be a ton of different content spread across a large zone. The Isle of Thunder would have worked fine for open-world exploration, for instance, as there is simple far more locales there.

    As it stands, Timeless Isle is way too small for what it attempts to be, and thus ends up feeling like the devs awkwardly attempting to feed us a halfcooked spoonful of the delicious meal they'll be serving next expansion when they have actually developed larger areas around the same sandbox design principles.
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    Agreed with above ^

    I still like Timeless Isle more, especially from a PvP point of view, and a removal of dailies point of view, and the fact that I'm utterly and completely sick to death of trolls, but it's simply too small for what it's trying to do. Sure, it groups people up more, but there's nowhere NEAR enough mystery.

    I just hope Blizzard doesn't simply see it as a failure from a model point of view, when they could have done it so much better.

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    Ofcourse you're not wrong for having an opinion^^

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    Quote Originally Posted by Haidaes View Post
    Isle of Thunder had trolls... so.. many... fucking... god forsaken... trolls.

    That is like a (-1) factor to my fun formula and results in me hating the bloody thing more than it warrants.. The Timeless Isle is shitty overall, content and lore wise, and I'm already mostly done with it's boring content, well except the retarded grind for Shaohao which I won't do activley, except when hanging out with a bunch of guildies in TS. I have a really hard time deciding which I hate more, but considering the Isle is mostly useless to me and I don't feel any obligation to do it for gear (unlike IoT), yeah.. I guess The Useless Isle wins by a crutch's length.
    I think Blizz must be trolling us (pun intended) they have an expac that seems like it will be troll-free and then BAM - so many trolls.

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    Isle of Thunder had longevity over Timeless Isle. Wouldn't really call either fun but Timeless Isle is certainly convenient.

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    Timeless Isle is grind content with no progression. Isle of Thunder was progression content with minimal grind.

    Both are different types of gameplay and I prefer Isle of Thunder. Every time I go to Timeless I'm just like "this is dull", watching players mindlessly killing mobs, rares falling over seconds after spawning. It's pretty poor.

    If Isle of Thunder had herbs/ore etc, it would have had a lot more longevity.

    I really hope they don't see Timeless as a huge success, because to me, it isn't. It's the exact type of content I loathe. I totally understand people who enjoy it though, it's just not my cup of tea.
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    Quote Originally Posted by I-NO View Post
    Be glad you aren't on Mal'ganis a certain guild does that shit 24/7 lol
    Its suprising we don't have that on Illidan, All we do is camp Kyu the Multi-Boxer hehe.

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    loads of Dailies or Running in circles killing more and more mobs.. tough choice.

    TBH, after the first day and finding all of the chests, Timeless Isle is just a gigantic relentless grind. I actually thought the mix on quests was more interesting on ThunderIsle, plus you could actually get to a rare when someone called it out on trade without it dying.

    I kid you not, on my server, the pop is so high that Huolon dies in the air before he reaches melee range most of the time so I have to throw knives at him to get a tag. It's pretty stupid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Solidsteel View Post
    Neither was spectacular but IoT for sure had more content and paced it better.
    Well said, the treasure trove alone made IoT better than TI.

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    For awhile, I hated Thunder Island. I hated its dark atmosphere, the mobs, the everything..

    Until 5.4 and the NotSoGrindless Isle came out. Seriously. There is nothing to do there other than world bosses and gearing alts.

    I hate that fucking island.

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    While I haven't been to Timless Isle yet, I appreciate what Isle of Thunder was. The aesthetics, the scattered buffs, mini bosses, the scenario, the PvP dailies and opportunities, and the chests. Good times.

    It got a little deserted after the first two weeks but that's my only gripe. I liked the exploration feel of the zone without your flying mount too.

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    I much prefer the Isle of Thunder as I really only playing my main which has outgeared the timeless isle epics. The only reason to visit is for the two world bosses twice a week.

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    I prefer the Isle of Thunder as well, i didn't mind the dailies at all, the whole progress through feeling was really cool and really felt like we were sieging Lei Shen's palace.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rakran View Post
    I prefer the Isle of Thunder as well, i didn't mind the dailies at all, the whole progress through feeling was really cool and really felt like we were sieging Lei Shen's palace.
    Except that the progression goes on ahead with or without you ... How the heck do you think low pop realms open the gates?

    The whole IoT felt on rails, you killed what Blizzard told you to, you went where Blizzard told you to, you do exactly as Blizzard wanted you to.

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    Opinions can't be right or wrong. There yours, and some people may share them, but others might not. I didn't mind Isle of Thunder, but I'm not a huge fan of doing dailies. On the other hand, I liked running around killing rares, helping people kill elites and looking for chests, but it did lose excitement after a couple days. If they could combine those jumping events, chests and some rares (on probably longer respawn times, not too long, but long enough to not be killing them every hour or half) with the expansiveness and perhaps some of the dailies in IoT, this would be awesome.

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    Other than the pet battle lovers which seem happy, the majority of the people who love TI over IoT are the ones who are like ty for the free gear.

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