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Thread: Bow or Gun?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 7seti View Post
    It works fine for me. I'd guess you're either getting the file path wrong (should be "World of Warcraft/Data/Sound/Item/Weapons/Gun") or you're using a outdated version with the wrong type of sound fine (WoW uses .ogg).
    Well, that worked out. I'm fairly sure I was using a wrong file type for it, but I don't remember it anymore. Still, the silenced sound is pretty nice. Still very audible but not as ridiculously annoying. Thanks for the tip!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wildtree View Post
    There are only 2 classes where guns are appropriate...

    Dwarf and Goblin.
    No other race other than gnomes, who don't have hunters, has a technical background. Guns are a mechanical/technical weapon. So there's the answer.
    Humans are very good at adapting.

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    Bow, bowwwwwwwww x 1000

    Most of the guns look awful to me and the sound is just grating.

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    Bows. Archery has always been interesting to me, and I've always loved the look of it.

    The fact that most guns in this game look like Super Soakers doesn't exactly help, either.

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    I don't play with sound on, but when I do, I have a bow.

    I only use this gun transmog because it fits my set soooo well.

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    I love Bows and guns, but i really wish Blizzard had different gun sounds you could toggle as the bang bang bang for 4 hours straight gets really annoying and ultimately makes me transmog into a bow ASAP : /

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    I use what ever weapon is good i had wow muted since 2005 so it doesn't bother much with the annoying sound effects.

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    Always a bow, like others I can't stand the loud jarring noise guns make. I realize there are ways to silence them but that only works client side and I like to think of the other people in my group, I don't want to inflict that annoying sound on them either. I would still use a bow these days though even if the sound wasn't an issue because with transmog I can finally rock my Rhok'delar instead of having it gathering dust in the bank.

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    I like the bows far more than gun or crossbow. Not only aesthetically, but I do enjoy hearing the gun shot over and over either

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    Guns are so loud but I hate how bows look with worgen... such is life. Maybe crossbow would be better.

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    One of the things in WoW I never cared for was technology. I'm more of a classic fantasy fan. While guns never bothered me *that* much, I'm definitely not a fan of motor bikes, mechs, helicopters, and nuclear bombs.

    Which is probably why I prefer bows. Some guns do look nice though, however the sound starts to wear on me after a while.

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    As a NE hunter I've got to say: Bows!

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    Bow all the way for me. Gun makes to much noise and for some reason I dislike crossbows ( usually the models ). And a bow fits my Night elf!

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    Well, depends largely on the transmog set I'm using at the time.
    But, generally bow. Also if I'm going to have game sound on, bow.

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    I prefer bows, both because they tend to look better, and because I feel they fit more in a fantasy universe than guns do.

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    It'S a fantasy game, it's not really steampunk and I have enough of guns in CoD 235 and CoD clone 532422. Bows hands down.

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    In my eyes I've always looked at the Hunter as kind of a stealthy ranger. Thus a Bow makes sense.

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    Always a bow, unless you're a dwarf a gun makes little sense to me.

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