Ok this is REALLY frustrating, I need someone to gimme a hand here. I registered for the last time Anet made a trial run for GW2, I had a blast, blah blah blah. I wanna go again for this trial run but I can't remember my password.

I hit where it says "recover password" and its really stupid, because ok, it asks me to input my email name (I did), the name of one character in my account (I did) and then "A serial Code" found in the box of GW2, except...... I NEVER GOT ANY CODE. I've checked and double checked my emails, this is a trial, I never received any code, because I haven't bought the game yet, so what gives? how is someone in trial mode supposed to recover an account when you forget the password?

Also, to help with the "remember password" thingie, do the passwords in GW2 make distinctions between lowercase and uppercase? I'm asking because for example in wow, its irrelevant if you use caps in the entire password, but in SWTOR it does matters. So which one is GW2? Case sensitive or not?