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    Question Celestials and your luck?

    After seeing the post on mainpage about average drop rate of items on Celestials, I began to wonder hows it going for others?

    The reported drop chance "Celestials - 21% item drop rate. The Celestial Treasure Box drops 79% of the time."
    I myself have done this 5 toons with bonus roll each time so 30 rolls, and recieved 1 item for 1 char, 4 items on another, and none on anything else.
    Easy math 5/30 = 0.16666.. So I have had ~16.7% drop rate.

    Has yours been higher or lower then reported?
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    I've fought the Celestials the fist 2 weeks they were out. Both times i got a tier piece, so I was incredibly lucky. Yes yes i know 2 times isn't a good sample size lol

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    Well that is lucky Ill give you that. Did you bonus roll them as well or was it just plain rolls to 100% drops?
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    I've killed the Celestials on 3 characters since they were released, and coined on all kills.

    1/6 on my Hunter, 2/6 on my Warlock and 1/6 on my Shaman.

    So 0.22% chance. Unfortunately though, 2 of those items are PVP items that I'll never use :P.
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    I've bonus rolled every time on 5 toons and got tier pants for priest, tier hands and pvp belt for one of the druids, tier legs on the death knight, tier gloves on my other druid and nothing on my rogue.

    5 items from 30 rolls.

    Kinda a small sample size though.

    One nice thing I did find out, I dunno if it's the same for the celestials fail box, but the Ordos fail box can drop Flex quality gear (probably only trash epic drops), my rogue got those.

    For my Ordos kills I got: pants on my priest, pants on my druid, nothing on my dk, 2 necklaces on my other druid, shoulders, legs and flex gloves (from fail box) on my rogue.

    7 items from 20 rolls (bonus rolled every time, but didn't have legendary cloak for first week)

    Edit: 18 rolls on Ordos, about to do him on my priest now, so maybe more items drop

    Edit2: double nothing on priest, so 7 items from 20 rolls on Ordos.
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    Killed the celestials 3 times now on my main. First time i got nothing, second time PvP Waist, third time Tier Leggs. (No Bonus rolls)
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    Considering I've been switching mainspecs one or two times, I havent had that much luck with tier. Was Guardian T15, then at the end switched to Feral and now Im Boomkin MS with Guardian OS so I havent exactly had much luck with tier so far, still had luck on coin-drops though bumped me up to a good 549ilvl.

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    0 drops so far, killed them with multiple characters multiple times.
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    Pants first kill. Hands 2nd kill

    Nalak. Hands first kill. Pants 2nd kill.

    Sha. Both hands and pants the very first kill first week of mop. Pretty sure I was the first person on the realm with 2p lol.

    What can i say. World bosses love me.
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    3 weeks, 3 attempts, 3 coins, 6x gold...
    Total = 0% loot....

    Same for Ordos....
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    Done them on 3 chars since the first week, where one of my chars has coins (my main). On him I've gotten PvP bracers. The other two, nothing.
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    3 toons bonus rolled each time- rogue got tier gloves week one and week 2 (de'd) and a pvp ring week 2
    - druid got tier gloves and legs (healing) week 1, yes was awesome and nothing week 2
    - Pally has gotten legs only on week 2.

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    Haven't gotten anything from celestials, 0/6 thus far. I have gotten 2 pieces from Ordos though.

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    18 chances at loot from Celestials between 3 toons, 2 pieces of loot. 18 chances at loot on Ordos between 3 toons, 2 pieces of loot as well. So ~11% on both.

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    1/4 on my Shaman, got one PVP item that was immediately vended (only bonus rolled first week because most of the drops are useless PVP gear). 0/6 on Ordos.

    1/4 on my Monk, got one PVP item that was immediately vended (only bonus rolled first week). 3/6 on Ordos, but 2 of the 3 were the same thing I got on the same day.

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    Killed and coined all three weeks with my Mage, nothing, and killed once and coined with my druid and got a pvp ring. So I guess 1/8 total for those.

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    Same luck as always, my least played alts get tier pieces and Ordos loot while my main gets gold.

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    Gotten quite a bit from drops and coins
    warrior - tier pants and pvp cloak
    dk - some pvp piece and tier gloves
    druid - 2 tier pieces
    warlock - nothing
    88 mage - pvp bracers
    87 pally - nothing

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    Don't really ever do world bosses, don't like the idea of putting forth a great effort, building a large group, and then not getting loots. But I did happen to run into a group that had a boss at like 10% health, so I ran in, tagged, did some dps, and got tier legs. Believe it was the third time across all characters I had "participated" in a kill.
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    3 Weeks killing him with 6 alts using bonus roll, 0 loot by far. Same with Ordos.

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