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    Quote Originally Posted by melodramocracy View Post
    If MMO's were going to be a huge success on consoles, it would have happened already.
    When are you people going to get it? Mmos are a niche market. Wow is the exception to the rule as far as numbers go. When comparing console mmos to PC mmos that aren't Wow, yes they actually are wildly popular.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pfbe View Post
    You lost me at the assumption that I found Shaohao grinding an issue. I didn't.

    It was a refreshing change from all the other "do dailies / hand in items / run instance X" reps. It wasn't the most fleshed out experience ever, and I wouldn't do it on more than one character, but as something for my main to do, it was ok.

    And when I look at Timeless Isle and I see how much fun I've been having there, and how that is such a stark departure from the experience I've had with previous content patches, I cannot agree that what's wrong with the game is me. On the contrary, what's been wrong with the game - as far as I am concerned - is the direction the development teams have taken.
    Pretty much everything about Timeless Isle has been a result of player feedback. I love how people spent this entire expansion bitching and whining about dailies and other nonsense only to bitch even louder when they got what they asked for.

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    I agree with almost nothing you've said OP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CaptainV View Post
    - Making the PC a globally known console to consider cool to use.
    - Publishing PC gaming as a marketing brand.
    - Adding significant development interest in PC gaming and more namely online gaming.
    That's not an accurate statement at all.

    The PC was a gaming machine a long time before WoW. Games like Doom raised the profile of PC gaming and successors, such as Quake 3 Arena, or even Counter Strike, catapulted online gaming to the fore.

    I guess if you were born in the early 90's I could understand your logic, it's still wrong unfortunately.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stackodude1 View Post
    This is a great, well thought out, post. I couldn't agree more. I find myself growing less attached to WoW and MMOs everyday. I'm just growing up and finding myself not so much into it.
    I love this idiotic notion that if you like mmos you aren't "grown up". It isn't an age thing and it is insulting to continually claim it is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Naztrak View Post
    MMOs are declining, but they will not die, but the future will probably be dominated by mobas and stuff like that. Moderns players strive for fast-food fun and I doubt the turbulent modern life will bring the new players to the mmo games that have this "time barrier".

    yep, WoT is beyond awesome. Im picking up more my Panther II than my warlock this days.
    This whole "fast food fun" is such a crock of shit. Gamers spend as much time gaming now as they ever did. Enough with this nonsense.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CaptainV View Post

    You grew up, The Game never changed:
    and thats where you're wrong.. im still 22 in 2004 waiting in line at walmart for wow.

    basically there are 10,000 mmo's out and all of them are lame so it just kills the mmo genre.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Axxy View Post
    Fundamentally, the game hasn't changed at all, and that's why WoW became boring and stale and not worth paying a monthly sub for. That's why me and most of my friends have quit playing...
    Where do people get this impression that Wow must reinvent itself with every patch and expansion? This is how all mmos are. If you want a different game, go play one but stop expecting to get a brand new game without ever leaving the one you currently play.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tierbook View Post
    it peaked a few years ago, its been on a downward spiral since then
    You say this because less people play WoW?
    There are more MMOs out right now than ever before, so the players are spread out between them all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Faithshield View Post
    The age of MMO hasn't ended. The age of mainstream MMO might have though. At the very worst, the MMO market will return to its roots and cater for a more hardcore RPG audience, which in itself is not an entirely bad thing because the 'bad old days' of MMO's were actually pretty fun
    Or more logically, different mmos will cater to different people without marginalizing anyone. Oh wait that's crazy talk. We all know the best way to make a profit is to arbitrarily and purposely reduce the number of people who use your product. Oh wait...

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    WoW made MMOs die? Wow, it really is the America of the game world, isn't it... the scapegoat who's fault it always is.

    MMOs are a particular style of game, and while we may be used to it by now so it's no longer the new and exciting concept it used to be, with a lot of the same themes done over and over, I can pretty much guarantee that the MMO style of games is not going anywhere. If anything it will probably be even more virtual and immersive in the future. Many people love the open world, free roaming, social...just general world-like aspect of it. There are no other "real" games I play outside of MMOs. (Nor am I "hardcore," and I'm far from alone in that, so I doubt it will return fully and only to hardcore roots either.)

    MMOs are not dead. Their place as the new thing to fascinate us is and will be naturally surpassed by something else new and exciting. As it should be.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tomana View Post
    But the subscription MMO market is stagnating since 2009. New F2P MMOs are however, a different subject.

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    Nope, won't happen. To cater for a more hardcore audience means you will sell less (thanks, cap'n), and since the development costs of games in general are through the roof now, you simply won't sell enough.
    And yet every single subscription mmo that has gone free to play in the past few years still maintains a subscription option for those who want it. In reality what is happening here is developers have realized a mixed payment model is far more profitable than doing free to play alone or subscription based alone. Subscriptions aren't going away and all that is happening here is players are being given more options, not less.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tomana View Post
    It is not all non-sense, but OP is mixing a lot of it with correct stuff. However, entangling both would be a titanic job -_-
    It is 99% nonsense with a lot of pretty words in an attempt to hide what is really a poorly thought out post.

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    I agree. mmos are not as big as they once were. paid subs is dead.

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    I love these "WoW was the first MMO" threads. Essentially you're saying that WoW was the first and only MMO to "get it right", and then say now that WoW has lost some subs that the "golden age" is over. This is ridiculous. Most of those people that left WoW and unsubbed went to other games. I have many alts, and I've been in many guilds, I've seen 6 or 7 guilds now disband in WoW and switched over to Rift, GW2, Tera, Aion, FF14, SWTOR. Now, another guild is seriously talking about switching over to ESO. I know I am not the only one to experience this.

    Second of all you present no evidence to support your claim other than stating the well known fact that subs are down for WoW. That's the only bit of information you present. You didn't show populations of other games, you didn't talk about server merges or total number of servers. Nothing. Also, to present you with information contrary to what you are talking about. Rift just lunched patch 2.4 and when they did they had a massive explosion of players, they ended up having to bring two more servers online just to keep their current servers from being locked out. They haven't had a drop in players since the launch of the patch.
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    Other MMOs fail because of warcraft.

    They have made WoW SO, SO, SO accessible to everyone..
    years of tuning, and fixing.. working on a 8yr old engine...

    If thing's aren't "polished" like 8years of WoW (Anyone who has actually played since the begnining know the amounts of problems).

    If anything isn't "as easy" and "gives free gear", "zergable", easy money.. all those factors that have been in WoW for so many years.. if it's not instantly in any other MMO, it's automatically shit?

    Look at SWTOR (Ea is retarded on this in its own way..) "We didn't get 1mil subs, wow has 10mil.. our game sucks lets go F2P" - I wanna say rift/aion falls in this

    While, in the same factor , FFXIV is "oh we have 500k subs.. we rule! screw what other people are doing this is our game" - ArenaNET's got somewhat the same idea
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    Quote Originally Posted by Endre View Post
    You're getting old, that's it. It's not about dying, where do you people live? It's dying, it's not dying ... it's a game, play it, enjoy it. It's like saying skiing is dying and I'm going to tell you why ... If you like it, play it. Who cares what has the most consumers in the world, if you want the most popular thing go to McDonald's and live your life there. People discover new things that excite them, that's how the world evolves, but some stay and enjoy what was popular in the past. It's the same thing with everything, like music for instance, Rock 'n' Roll "died" decades ago, but people still enjoy it and go to concerts and such.

    If you enjoy it, play it and don't think about what is popular, because this is exactly why people are going insane in the world, because they want to fit in the most and are not sure what it is, since the world is rapidly expanding when it comes to new things.
    The main problem with this site is it is filled with far too many people who are obsessed with trying to justify why they no longer play wow because clearly it would make far too much sense to move on rather than obsess about a game they no longer play or care about.

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    MMO games are getting old quick having to rely 10 people all the time just to progress on content. Neverwinter is the only game i know you can enjoy playing on your own without relying on people.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wych View Post
    That's like saying people buying movies is declining if you don't take into account DVDs or blu-rays.

    The MMO market has evolved to have a massive F2P section which naturally entices lots of people in. The number of players in the MMO genre is still very very high.

    OP's entire post is based on utterly ludicrous points "most of us were bullied or have underlying issues", yeah nah, that's just projecting so he doesn't feel like he's alone.
    Like I said the whole OP is just insulting and arrogant and really shows how terrible the moderation here is when he gets away with it scot free but everyone else gets infracted for lesser things.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xanzul View Post
    The thread is based on false premises and filled with stating opinion as fact.
    If this was a measurement for keeping a thread open, there'd be about 4 per sub-forum, and 3 of them would be stickied class how-to's.

    Quote Originally Posted by xanzul View Post
    There honestly is nothing to discuss here.
    Which explains why you have several posts in this thread?
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    maybe OP meant to say "QUALITY MMO'S" are dead.. all these f2p mmos are trash, EXCEPT for the mmo's that were p2p then went f2p .. they still have hope.

    like Rift .. im lvl 29 it's a pretty fun game.

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    because most of us had been bullied in school or had underlying issues
    Sounds more like a personal problem than anything. I don't know of anyone who I played with that was "bullied", we played WoW because we enjoyed games and enjoyed the fantasy setting. Sure, I'm aware that there are probably a decent amount of people who were "bullied", but to say that they started playing WoW because they were bullied is downright absurd. I must have been bullied into playing Nintendo when I was 5...back to the drawing board?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unclekreepy View Post
    maybe OP meant to say "QUALITY MMO'S" are dead.. all these f2p mmos are trash, EXCEPT for the mmo's that were p2p then went f2p .. they still have hope.

    like Rift .. im lvl 29 it's a pretty fun game.
    Rift is a fun game until you realize that the build you're using to level up will completely suck when you're a higher level. What drew me into that game was the diversity in which you could build your character. Turns out it's just as cookie cutter as WoW is when you get up higher.

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