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    Quote Originally Posted by Theiea View Post
    Bartending. Create alcoholic drinks that gives buffs (or debuffs)

    Dwarves have a +10 racial bonus.
    Give the racial to Pandaren, as Dwarves already get a bonus to Archaeology
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    Woodchopping to get lumber, woodcarving to craft stuff that sells for very high prices at the normal vendor but requires rare BoP mats to get.

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    Pharmacology. Gives players 2-3 new 'item slots' of (possibly limited-duration) gear that they fill with various medical or bio-engineering enhancements. Profession perk involves either lower cost/longer-lasting chems or a better/permanent implant. These would be ways that players could still feel like they were getting those 'cookie cutter talents' from the talent system of old but had the ability to customize them to the way they wanted to build their character. The enhancements would be things that are % based, like +2% armor from items or +3% maxiumum mana pool.

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    Next profession should be strip dancing.

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    Toymaking and Cartography sound good.

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    I don't expect a new profession. If there were a new one, I would prefer to have something interesting and novel rather than lame logging or woodworking type of stuff.

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    Next professions will be cartographer and charm maker. You heard it here first.
    There was no such thing as "ability bloat" just l2fp.

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    Yeah, but can you do as a Cartographer?

    Make maps? How long do you think that profession will last? There's no end game aspect unless you have phased locations that only cartographers and those with their maps can discover.

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    A lot of these suggestions sound like they'd offer not much new to get excited about that wouldn't already fit into existing professions.

    Cartographer sounds like it would fit into Inscription, while Charm Making sounds like it would fit into Jewelcrafting. Toy Maker? Engineering. Bartending would fit into cooking, while Pharmacology sounds like it fits right into Alchemy.

    I don't think we'll be getting a new profession any time soon, but at least Woodworking sounds like it would add something vaguely new.

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    Woodcutting & Carpentry! Though there needs to be player housing available, so they can make furniture too and not just fishing poles or wands.

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    I'd like to see a new profession, although I have no idea what it would be. Woodworking isn't going to work I think, to little stuff to make, although LotRo makes it work.
    I'd love a decent revamp though, and a few ideas in this thread sound nice.
    I really like the idea of account bound gathering profs. All chars should share the same skill level, but it would depend on your crafting profs if you can use them.
    So say char A has alchemy and leatherworking and char B has inscription and engineering. Both would have access to the account wide herbalism through alchemy and inscription. char A would have skinning as well through leatherworking and char B has mining through engineering. That way you still only get to use 2 gather profs per char max. But the skill level would be shared and you wouldn't have to lvl it anew for each char.
    Something would have to be done for enchanting and tailoring though, maybe those get to select 1 or 2 gather profs that they want to use. I'd say 1 with the option to switch at a trainer, something other profs wouldn't be able to. Or some sort of salvage prof could be made for them, combining disenchant with a system to get raw materials from (cloth)items.

    I can also see that farming is turned into a proper profession, instead of buying seeds all the time you select the seeds you want from a profession window. It would be a secondary prof.

    Lastly I'd like to see archeology revamped into a an exploration profession, it would still have archeology in it, but with more option. Aside from finding some ancient object, there would also be finding digsites, researching found objects, connecting dots, etc. No idea if and how it would work but I still like the idea :P.
    It would certainly get rid of the nasty RNG, like after finding all 'standard' objects from a race from certain digsites you located yourself you'd get a special task in tying them all together to find the rare objects.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sarix View Post
    I hope there are no more professions
    This please
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    Like many others, I'd rather see them overhaul the ones we already have.

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    New secondary profession announced:


    Players have been clamoring for more TBC flair in the game, and knowing how many appreciated that superior raid design, we've decided to let newer players get a taste of what the good old days were like too.

    Players will get to travel to all the old raid instances in Outland (as well as some heroic dungeons too!) and live through the screams of agony and pocket explosions of nerdrage. Assembling all instance-specific achievements ("Stuck at 0% lololol" - "Omg onehit??" - "Fixthisblizzwtf") unlocks the title "Deprecated".

    Finally, TBC lovers get to live out their deepest wet fantasy!

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    Ironing for female characters.

    'Monogamy'? Is that one of the ways people in Boringland bore each other?

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    Arcane recolorist!

    You learn how to recolor gear without damaging the magic or enchants on it.
    Maybe even make gear shine and stuff even.
    reagents: herbs, gems (crushed), maybe even ores, leather and cloth. It could even use the enchanting mats, like the crystals.

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    I feel that the current proffesions are filling up everything that is needed, but if Blizzard were to introduce some new feature like they did with glyphs I believe that's what I'm looking forward too see proffessionwise.

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    Is it possible to have a jeeves? I repaired before but im still in red now :s

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sarix View Post
    I hope there are no more professions
    Never really could understand why people dont want new content...
    Quote Originally Posted by Runecapeman
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    Fix the ones we have first.
    Quote Originally Posted by kbarh View Post
    may i suggest you check out wowwiki or any similar site, it's Grom that orders the murder of Cairne

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