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    They need to create a new system into the game so we have resource for a new profession.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ulgrim View Post
    I could've sworn we just had this thread. Anyways, I personally don't want any mor professions. If they have to add one, maybe something to do with transmog?
    So much this! I can't agree more on this. IMO I think the current professions are covering it pretty good, so a profession for transmorg would be really sweet!
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    Deep sea fishing as a fishing advancement
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    Always wanted a secondary proff to be "dyeing" or "Tanning"

    A way to customize the colors of our gear, e.g

    Cloth - Dye's
    Leather - Tanning
    Plate & Mail - Paints
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    I'm not sure we need another profession.

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    I am fine where the professions stand, if they add more it will be too much to keep track of.. its already too much at times even now. I'm a profession junky, I enjoy them very much, and they make up my game play quite a bit.. Giving us the ability to have 3 primary professions on one character would be awesome, I would certainly approve of this. With the alts that everyone has, it would flood the market with goods beyond how it is now; but at least I could have a gathering profession on every toon to farm while I wait for my hour-long LFR queues!

    If they were to implement a new profession, it really should be some sort of woodworking, it feels like that's the one that has been missing from the list they have so far.

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    Woodworking or the addition of a 3rd primary profession slot.
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    Not like I'd support it, but when player housing arrives, wouldn't it make sense to have a professions (like construction), which would allow us to craft stuff for it? I'd make it secondary prof though, that way we could interact with blacksmithing/tailoring (imagine nails and paper). Would be a nice distraction.

    But seriously, improvement of current professions would be better than creating a new one imo.

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    Carpentry. Builds furniture and things for your player instanced house. uses cloth leather some herbs for dyes and ore for metal bits.

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    Maybe herbalism and mining will be secondary professions?

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    Hacking. The only trainer would be Brann Bronzebeard.
    In all seriousness, though, I don't think there actually is still a room for any more professions. Even the adition of archaeology seemed forced and redundant.

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    If anything, they need to work on current professions and make the process cooler. That includes both gathering and crafting ones. I like how we can craft from the bank in 6.0. It's a step in the right direction.

    If they were to add new professions, something like a combo of woodcutting for gathering and carpentry for crafting. I'm sure that if it ever happens, they will have to consider whether it would be too convoluted. As it is, we have plenty of both primary and secondary professions.

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    Honestly I doubt we'll ever get another profession. At best it would be a secondary profession.

    We have so many professions right now that modify our characters. We have to be gemed, enchanted, armor patched, flasked, inscribed and well-fed... (possibly also tinkered up too if you're one like me! ^_^). Do we really need ANOTHER major profession to modify our characters?

    Ever since MoP I've basically come to realize that Pet Battles was the new profession... just as Garrisons will be the new profession this go-around.
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    Something that incorporates the garrison.
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    Hard to think of one really. Be nice if something apart from LW used skinning.

    Mining -> BS, Eng, JC

    Herbalism -> Alch, Inscrip

    Skinning -> LW

    (Tailoring & Ench: no associated gathering prof)

    Quote Originally Posted by tripleh View Post
    Really surprised there isn't anything with lumber and tree chopping. All the other warcraft games have it along with mining.
    Trouble is there isn't really anything you can make with wood. Prime candidate would probably be the garrison, but that's going to be available to everyone regardless of profession.
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    Quote Originally Posted by deathonabun View Post
    I really like this idea.

    Blacksmithing, Jewelcrafting, and Engineering all come with Mining/Smelting
    Alchemy and Inscription come with Herbalism
    Leatherworking includes Skinning
    Oh god, yes.

    I would of liked a new prof tbh, but the way Garrisons work out allowing us to flavour all/some other professions, It may end up being just as good or even better.

    Woodcutting would of been good, you could make bows, guns (wood + metals/ores?), wands/staffs, and provide mats for say, enchants, inscription etc, in fact, wood could be a material for all crafting profs, even alch and cooking - smoked food anyone? +bonus cooking fires? etc. Raid buff fires? I.e Incense that empowers you.

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    I want them to redo the ones we have now... professions are good for a whole two seconds then useless the entire xpack.. unless you have one of the few with staying power. The gear is always harder to get than a raiding version, and in the case of 5.0, it was the crappy 376,

    I got all the epics at 376, so when we got to heroics, I watched all the higher epics go to other casters, who then beat me in dps and got benched. So screw putting in extra work
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    Allows you to pimp other players for gold. I'm sure Moonguard would love this

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