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    Housing would be pretty nice,ofcourse there should be some new profession related to that,maybe someone that builds the furniture with a second collecting profession which would be woodcutting as some others suggested already. i only had nice experience with housing,maybe even guild houses/castles with instanced guild battles like in Runes of Magic. i liked that alot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vellerix View Post
    We may be more likely to see an overhaul of all proffessions rather than new ones IMO.
    I'd hope for, and like this to happen over a new prof I think.

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    i dont like having more professions id prefer to keep the current professions for the expansion and just add new recipes and max skill level.

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    Quote Originally Posted by uopayroll View Post
    It will be dancing. This will allow for the "promised" dance studio and as you level up, you get more moves
    I would never even unlock it if this was true.
    I personally would prefer not to see any new professions especially if they are lame as most of the suggestions I am seeing in here.
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    I don't think the game needs another profession, but if it gets one it should be something completely different like archaeology, but with maybe a bit less grinding

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    Quote Originally Posted by Totle View Post
    Yeah, but can you do as a Cartographer?

    Make maps? How long do you think that profession will last? There's no end game aspect unless you have phased locations that only cartographers and those with their maps can discover.
    Maybe they can make maps of the current areas, but will be able to plot out points for treasure or extra nodes for mats?

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    Something to do with Pet Battles?
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    How about making the rest of the stuff you make relevant to end game instead of just a means to level and obtain, for example, flasks?

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    I expect Woodworking to be next (staves, bows, batons, wands and such), but i've been expecting it sine before Archaeology was introduced..

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    lumbering and woodcrafting sound cool.
    Quote Originally Posted by Aquamonkey View Post
    Hemet was behind Garrosh's escape and time travel just so he could hunt big game on old Draenor.

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    Make all gathering professions secondary. Everyone can mine/skin/herb.
    Choose one of the secondary skills to specialize in: You only get that professions perk. (e.g. the haste thing for Herb)
    And even though everyone can herb only people specializing in herb can have a chance to loot golden lotus in a normal flower.

    For me this would also solve the need for a 3rd profession as I can have 2 crafting proffs and still be able to gather.

    If the gathering prioffs are not made seconday we should be allowed #3 main proffs.
    In any case they should clean them up a bit.

    If a new profession was introduced it would be fun with some pet & mount profession.
    Find an unconventional way of leveling it, and really hard to get patterns for new mounts/pets.
    For instance:

    If you have max engineering (account wide) and max skinning (account wide) and exalted with all cenarion factions, you can learn the pattern for a "sky golem" which will be a treant instead of a robot.

    If you have the ZG tiger, exalted shadopan tiger and all night elf mounts you can learn a pattern for a super cool hybrid tiger. (Raptor for horde)

    Also should include battle pets thingies, items that transforms your mount temporarily, small handy stuff that might make your mount run faster etc etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amra View Post
    If you have the ZG tiger, exalted shadopan tiger and all night elf mounts you can learn a pattern for a super cool hybrid tiger. (Raptor for horde)
    LoL I got all six, soon seven Hippogryphs. Then will there be a craftable Hippogryph Costume for Moonkin Druids or something? ^^

    In all seriousness though, hopefully Blizzard will do something about the "alt mules" which make some few people exponentially rich while draining Gold from all the other players.
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    I would love to see the existing professions given some attention both balance as well as adding fun things like more faction exclusives, maybe racial and class ones, and instead allowing us to choose a third major profession.

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    How are faction exclusives "more fun"? If anything, they are half as fun because each faction has only access to half of the things.
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    I was hoping brewing. but would love to see a return of the path of titan system with or without a profession attached to it (attached preffered).

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    I'd like to see them just make First Aid and Fishing passive. The need to level them seems rather odd in this day and age. Plus it could open up some room to allow for gathering professions to slot into the secondary section. It'd also be great to have disenchanting separated from Enchanting and maybe making it a secondary option as well.

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    something more like engieneering would be nice! i like professions with special stuff, but i have enough engies :-(
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    Maybe rework the current system before adding something new.

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    Assuming we get a South Sea expansion with a lot of underwater zones:


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    Wood chopping -Gathering skill

    Carpentry - Crafting skill

    Craft- Bows, crossbows and other weapons. Wooden pets, toys, wooden mounts. Some armour maybe as well.

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