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    Quote Originally Posted by Belloc View Post
    Here's the thing: Next week, LFR will be easier. The week after? Even easier. A month from now? Pretty damned easy. Two months from now? You won't be wiping very often.

    So, why do they need to change anything? Did they change Durumu's maze for LFR players? Did they remove all the hard parts of Lei Shen? No, they didn't. They made adjustments where necessary (as they will do with current LFR wings) and players improved.

    Don't get me wrong: If players don't end up improving, then changes are needed... but, I don't know, at least give them a chance?

    edit: I also like the thought that players with flex/normal/heroic kills should be intentionally mixed in with players that do not have those kills, just to bring up the chance of success. If those players try to AFK through it, then the system stops mixing them in.

    Now, that said, I wouldn't mind it if determination stacks didn't disappear. But, let's be honest, then you'd have groups wiping on the first boss a few times just so the rest of the bosses would go super fast.
    Actually LFR gets more horrible as time passes. Happened all the time

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fluorescent0 View Post
    I went in LFR yesterday, entered at Iron Juggernaut (with one determination stack) and did the boss ~5-10 seconds into its enrage. Decided to actually do something for the group instead of whining on forums, found a warrior who wanted to help and 3-tanked shamans while explaining how that tactic is executed, two shot the boss. Did the same thing for Nazgrim, this time putting up a green flare (you can DPS the boss) and a red flare (you can't DPS the boss) and explaining everyone what to do. Oneshot it. That, coupled with raid warnings during the fight, was enough to vastly reduce time I spent in it. If you instead of creating this post took the five minutes you wrote to explain what to do to your group this wouldn't even be needed in the first place.
    I do the same...but not every1 listens . Had a paladin in 1st wing who just keep standin stil on sha instead of moving out.... heck i even wispered him to move. Well he ended up geting kicked.

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    Thing is though it's all perspective, last week when the first part was opened everything was honestly so damn easy, heck I tanked it on my alt who I haven't tanked with in over a year, so long as you weren't a drooling idiot you got through it without any real issues. Second part on the other hand is a nightmare, honestly I've been trying since Wednesday to get through it & it always fails at the third boss, honestly the only reason I've killed Nazgrim was because I was dropped into a group where he was all that was left!

    It's not that the tactics for the shaman's are that difficult, it's just that it's unforgiving - same with the other three bosses, you make one mistake and you're dead, period. Problem is LFR is not designed with that mentality in mind, I get the massive amount of "it's wellfare epics" stuff, but it's designed to be done with 24 randoms who in all likelihood you're never going to play with again & frankly without it many people on dead servers would struggle to find anything to do. So to spend upwards of 3-4 hours in a single wing is crazy, heck I've done full raids in normal & heroic where 3-4 hours cleared the full instance, never mind struggled to kill 2 bosses before breaking up at the third.

    I simply aint going into the second part as a tank on my alt - problem is that creates an issue given lack of tanks, especially if we're unwilling to go places where frankly it's a time sink. I'm more than willing to accept a few wipes in the first week of content, but not when the encounters are so unforgiving that 2 people making 1 error a piece cause a wipe, not in a place where it's supposed to be "dumbed down", if I want that I'd figure out some way to get into proper raiding again. It's actually more frustrating now than DW was back when they originally implemented LFR.
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