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    Question Coming back after 10 months breake

    So after quite a long break (10 months) I wanted to come back and do some raiding again (resulting in killing Garrosh on HC before the next expansion
    Problem is I have totally no idea where to start as I want to go back on my druid which average item level is 470 (my monk is on 490 so its not like a big difference, besides after few tries here and there druids seems to be all thet I ever wanted them to be when I was playing one

    What is the best way to catch up? I know LFR is the way, but I need a bit more higher ilev to do it
    Which Rep is now worth grinding? And what is the fastest way to get there (dungeon farming?).

    I'll be grateful for some advices.

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    timeless isle > ToT LFR > SoO LFR > SoO flex > SoO normal > SoO heroic
    <insert witty signature here>

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    just go to the timeless isle, loot the chests and get your free 496 ilevel, then some lfr and normal tot/soo with your guild if you have one and you're ready to go, no rep required.

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