View Poll Results: Race you can't play as (say gender if gender specific )

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  • Orc

    51 32.08%
  • Troll

    41 25.79%
  • Tauren

    42 26.42%
  • Forsaken

    36 22.64%
  • Goblin

    49 30.82%
  • Blood elf

    24 15.09%
  • Pandaren

    41 25.79%
  • Human

    31 19.50%
  • Night elf

    30 18.87%
  • Dwarf

    53 33.33%
  • Gnome

    76 47.80%
  • Draenei

    38 23.90%
  • Worgen

    44 27.67%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Pandaren Monk Eace's Avatar
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    Apr 2010
    Tauren. They are seriously horrible to look at. Female are slightly better than male, but just slightly. It was a shame that I wanted to play a druid when I started WoW, because Tauren were the only Horde option at the time. (I had friends playing Horde, so of course I didn't want to play Alliance.) Luckily my druid is now a troll female.
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    Any Forsaken, mainly because I can't stand Sylvanas and think she's evil.

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    Herald of the Titans Draknalor186's Avatar
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    Nov 2010
    depends wich class/race combination, i mean i wont play a gnome warrior/dk might have a hard time with orc mages aswell O_o otherwise cant rly think of anything

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    The Lightbringer Skorpionss's Avatar
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    May 2010
    Bucharest, Romania
    Female Dwarf
    Female Orc
    Female Tauren
    Female Troll
    Male Goblin
    Male Blood Elf
    Male Draenei
    and that's about it...

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    I don't play Orcs because I loathe them in the lore, and I've never been able to play a Blood Elf either, I really dislike the whole addicted to magic aspect of the race. I don't play Panderan, worgen or Goblins because I just don't like any gear on them, and I haven't tried a human or dwarf male because they just don't appeal. I've played everything else though.

    In terms of what I do play regularly, I have quite a few female Draenei, with the rest of my toons covering off all the females of the Alliance races. My only level capped Horde toon is a female Tauren Shaman.

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    Lightforged Draenei Glaziola's Avatar
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    Apr 2011
    Frankfurt Germany
    -Female human > crap model
    -worgen both > crap animation
    -female orc > hate the looks
    -female troll > hate the looks
    -female dwarf > hate the looks
    -gnome both > don't like em

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    Male Blood Elf - For some reason I associate these with terrible players.

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    Pandas and any Alliance race except fem nelves.

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    Hate orcs of both genders, gnomes of both genders, trolls of both genders, forsaken, or humans of both genders. Not really a fan of female worgen, dwarf males, female goblins, female tauren, female blood elves, or male pandaren.
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    Can't play:
    don't like any of them, except night elfes, draenai, bloodelfes
    forsaken (cuz too skinny)
    trolls (cuz too skinny)
    worgen (cuz they are dogs)
    bloodelfes (cuz they are gay)

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    I can't play Draenei, Pandaren and male Troll.
    I'd love to play a Forest Troll though, they were badass in Warcraft 2 and they look a lot better than their Darkspeak counterparts in WoW.

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