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    Amusing thok bug

    This happened in flex last night. Anyone else experienced the same thing?


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    hahahahah that's hilarious. And... inspired musical choice.

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    It's a strange bug that's been around for quite a while, it just doesn't happen often

    Here is a video of it happening to a hunter in BWD

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    The same thing happened on our HC kill this week. Ours didn't spin that fast tho. :<
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    Wow. Seen that happen to quest mobs a lot but never a raid boss...lol
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    I've never seen it before on anything >.< I figured it was a bug due to him dying just as fixate occurs or something as the monk who was with us was controlling his spin. He's spinning so fast because our drood gave him roar hehe. Funny either way

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    Well I was amused, well done OP :P

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    Way to fuck up the music. Change it to everybody walk the dinosaur quick

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    All aboard the derp Saur!

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    Haha. That looks awesome XD
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    Never seen it happen on any enemy mobs.
    We did have a raider or two in DS that was constantly spinning right round when dead.

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    Haha sweet never seen that happen to any mob in wow.

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