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    Garrosh 10man Help

    So tonight was our first night really trying the encounter we did a fair amount of pulls but was also missing 2 core member and one of the fill ins was not doing very good DPS which did hold us back a bit. We did get to the point where we got adds (First transition about 18 energy, Second was about 41 energy) and the adds would pretty much just go straight for the tanks. My self the Brewmaster on our last pul did not have statue down either when adds come out I have heard chi wave causes insane aggro as well. What we ended up doing for our last pull was have me just tank the adds and kill them one by one while our DK tank held the boss. What would be the best way to approach the adds though? The adds were not killing me but this definitely does not feel like a viable strategy.

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    You only want 1-2 empowered storm before p3, 18 energy in the first realm is fine, try to dont get more than 18 in the next one.

    About adds, before p3, is crucial that all the dps tag their adds and kill them, tanking and killing them one by one is a huge dps lost on the boss because you need to taunt them away from the group of adds to kill them, they dont have much hp, the dps need to stop being lazy and tag their adds, if you control this ability you have the kill on your pocket, is the most annoying thing on this fight. In p3 you want your dk to stay in the boss while you aggro the adds and tank them.

    What is the raid setup?

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    First off, the biggest key to killing this fight is to manage the adds very well every time. Screw it up and you'll keep wiping in the late part of p2/p3.

    Everybody with a taunt needs to keep an add at the very least. This means paladins, druids, warriors etcetc. If you hold the adds they will die on top of each other and empower their buddies.
    They are susceptible to stuns, roots and snares so next prio should be to get a bit of cc going. People also need to be ultra disciplined in not aoe'ing their nuts off to break snares / attract more adds to them.

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    We got the kill this week with the approach mentioned above, having each dps tag one. Whenever a healer got agro from multiple I (dk tank) just grabbed or taunted one in - they go down really fast with the tanks. Key thing is to just watch timers and lay off the aoe abilities while the adds are about to come. If you have a dps dk like we do make sure you sre ready to taunt the boss back when he grips garrosh instead of his add

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    Everyone with a taunt needs to take them away from all the other adds and kill it. Hunters have distracting shot and most melee have taunts. After the first empowered whirl we had the tank kite the adds from the 2nd whirl and we just burned him to p3 popped lust and killed. You should only have 2 empowered whirls max in p2.

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    You don't need to taunt the little adds just be spread out and single target nuke them, as melee I jump on the first add, kill it and maybe taunt a 2nd if needed but usually the other adds are dead or dying at that point. As tank you also want to single target the adds as you don't want them all on you they heal, double their hp and damage it's just not worth it.

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