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    Ele in pvp

    Yo shamans,

    I played an ele shaman in tbc in arenas. Now im thinking of trying it again. I guess dmg output its nice but how about things like:

    1. Is it still like "lol ele, go after him"?
    2. How about survivability?
    3. How are the tools to get some air to breath against warr/rogue/dk?

    My last experience from ele arenas was that i just run and try to stay alive all game long

    Thx for some tips

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    In terms of "survivability" its pretty much more decent compared to how it was in Cata times and at the start of mop expansion. Now you have 2 defensive CDs and the passive 10% red. from glyph of lightning shield. In addition, 5.4 now allowed both usage of AG and HT. not that AG is really powerful in pvp (especially in arenas with all the CCs/interrupts) but its still a strong tool to bring. As for damage dealing, eles are in a good position.

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    Survivabilty is pretty low in my opinion. 2 defensive cds but they don‘t seem to be that affective.
    They still go for the ele shaman. They know that you cant kite very well.
    Ghost wolf is almost useless nowadays. Ele is so rng dependant.
    Atm, im switching to enh for instant heal procs and more controlled burst.
    Out of those 3 melee, you might be ablte to kill a warrior. If its a good rogue or dk, you cant do much. as of 5.4, its a bit harder to beat a warrior.

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    Having played ele since way back when, I can probably give you some insight.
    Ele was also struggling with survivability against melee back in TBC, and it's not much different now.

    1. Yes, very much so. In 3s I can pretty much guarantee that they'll be swapping between you and your healer, your third partner won't be trained. Ever.

    2. Survivability in group play is pretty strong with the new base resilience changes and baseline healing tide, you usually have a defensive ability available for when things get dire. In solo play, you go through your defensives in the blink of an eye just to survive the onslaught. You still fare pretty well against casters though.

    3. We only really have two: 2nd tier talent and capacitor. Once those are gone, they'll be on you like white on rice. Not counting thunderstorm, because the rogue WILL shadowstep, the warrior WILL heroic leap, charge or banner-intervene and the death knight WILL death grip you (even if you got the reaction time to ground the grip, J/K, they get a second one for free via their set bonus) It's only really worth using against an enhancement shaman or ret. Everyone else got an instant gap closer, rofl.

    Enhancement is far, far superior for solo play atm.

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    1. As long you don't play with a mage or a meleecleave tries to gib your healer, you will be the target of choice.
    2. With resilience change, double PVP trinket, lightning shield glyph and healing stream glyph I feel comfortable. With shamanistic rage glyph you can make some clutch dispells like hoj or deep freeze. But as soon a rogue or warrior rides you, you will have not much fun, especially when they destroy your totems. DK feels easy to kite, but they also have a lot of range damage.
    3. For kiting you have earthgrab/frostshockroot, thunderstorm and ghost wolf (with glyph), but it does only grant a few seconds, before they connect again.

    EDIT: For soloplay if you get superior positioning (at a ledge, thunderstorm and run around corner...) or you run in a zerg, you will still have fun. But enhancement is better for for solo-fights.
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