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    Spoils of Pandaria 10m Help.

    Evening folks.

    Was looking for a bit of help off people who have downed/tested Spoils of Pandaria 10m. We tried it for the first time tonight and apart from being mind-numbingly boring and a pretty poor excuse for a 'boss' we were a bit torn as to which boxes to open first.

    Is there a set order, amount etc of boxes people tend to find work well when working through each half of the room and as an extra where are people finding it useful to pop hero?



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    There are 2 massive boxes in each room, you only have to open 1 of them if you open every other box besides that one. The typical order I like to take is opening the 1 massive box you will open first, to allow pots/opening burst to kill that one faster. Then open the buff boxes, since these buffs do aoe damage/stuns and such they help clear out the little boxes pretty fast. So you open as many small/medium boxes as you can handle.

    We usually Lust on the second room when we go to open the first massive box in that room. And then follow the same path as we did the first room: 1 Massive, Buffs, spam small/medium until done.

    You find it boring, but I actually like the fight as a whole

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    As 25 we open the 2 pandaren spirit first, kill them, then go on the big crate, killing that one with bl, at the same time have 2-3 minor adds up, then after some medium, do another big one.

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    what we did (10 man) is immediatly open a pandaren box and 1 small box and kill them when the pandaren is at ~25% we open a massive and kill it with our cooldowns (no hero or pots) when it's low we open a medium and open a couple of smalls and try to always keep a medium up when the timer is around 160 - 150 seconds we open the second panda box and like the first one we open the second massive one when the panda is around ~25% and kill it then open enough meds - smalls to complete it.
    in the second room we follow the same process but pop hero on the first massive and pots on the second massive.

    note: this is from the PoV of the first room being the mantid room and the second one the mogu (we found the mogu to be harder on the dps), also we found it faster with our raid group to kill 2 massives :P

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    The panda bosses are clickable before the other crates so we always do a panda crate first. Then we take a massive under BL (helps the tank get vengeance too)

    I think on the mantid side we take a massive then the 4 smalls next to it, then the next massive. After that we just pull mediums and smalls till its done. Same kind of philosophy with the other side. We try to avoid having 2 mediums at once to stop having 2 anima thingies that side.

    The key to the fight is just getting a rhythm going, not having dead time and not having miscommunication about who is opening what where.

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    easiest order ive found is: both pandas > 5 small > all medium > 2 large - exactly 50 energy with the damage/ healing help from the pandas

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