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    The majority of LFR players have always been at around the point LFR is actually tuned for, giving them a suitable challenge. Keep that in mind. LFR is only /faceroll when there are normal raiders in normal gear around, and those are all in SoS LFR now. If you check your recount after a smooth LFR, there's bound to be a handful of healers and DPS who are pulling numbers that are 2-3 times higher than anyone else on every single fight. Without those people, LFR is obviously harder. It's still very much doable, but it's not going to be the facerolling experience you're used to.
    And when, say, half of us (the DPS doing 2-3x average) are not in LFR anymore and the people we're carrying to a one shot now wipe 2 or 3 times, what do you think will happen?

    To me, that will be the real test of LFR. What level of mechanics and effort will Blizzard maintain as a minimum or will they nerf everything to each fight is basically tank and spank?

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    With the significantly lower ilvl from LFR there is no reason for even normal raiders to want to do it. Particularly when we have flex for OS pieces and such like. There is no reward for me in LFR, hence I don't do it, nor do any of my guildies. We just don't enjoy carrying people or wiping because people don't listen to what the RL is saying.

    Also with ToT being so severely nerfed it is easier to go into there with a few friends and solid pugs, clear it fast and get comparable loot. At least with Normal ToT you can distribute the loot more easily.

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    It's pretty bad. Today in LFR on my healer alt we hit berserk timers at least once each on Iron Juggernaut, Dark Shaman and Nazgrim. Two on Dark Shaman and several on Nazgrim... on the Nazgrim kill it was still a berserk, boss dead after 10 mins 12 sec, with 5 stacks of Determination. Same as doing it with main on Tuesday, it was more than 3 hours to clear the full wing.

    By comparison I did Flex on my main Saturday night: 65 minutes for a full clear, one wipe on Nazgrim only, and the closest we came to berserk on any boss was Nazgrim with more than three minutes to spare.

    Total wipes in LFR today:
    Galakras 1
    Iron Juggernaut 2 (1 to berserk)
    Dark Shaman 4 (2 to berserk)
    Nazgrim 5 (at least 2 to berserk, plus a berserk on the kill)

    My LFR run on Tuesday looked very similar, in terms of number of wipes and wipes due to berserk, and in terms of total time to complete. Based on that I've come to a few conclusions:

    1. Bosses in SoO LFR have too much HP
    2. Bosses in SoO LFR have too much HP
    3. Bosses in SoO LFR have too much HP

    Either that or the SoO ilvl requirement is at least 15 ilvls too low. By the way, given how unlikely a clean one shot is on some bosses, the temptation to half-ass it or not even contribute to the first few attempts is very strong, since it will end up being 10 minutes of wasted effort and the boss simply is not going to die without 4 stacks of determination.

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