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    I just got ban from wow for saying the word Fuck


    Account Name: XXXXXXX
    Realm: Area 52
    Character Name: XXXXXX

    A user of the above account has recently been involved in actions deemed inappropriate for the World of Warcraft by the In-Game Support staff of Blizzard Entertainment. This decision was made after a thorough investigation of the situation as a whole.

    When a harassment report is made, all players involved in the incident are subject to review, which may result in account penalties. Though we are unable to discuss the outcomes of our investigations due to privacy concerns, rest assured that this incident has been looked into very thoroughly, and the appropriate actions have been taken on all involved accounts.

    Any disputes or questions concerning the following account action can only be addressed by Account Administration. To learn more about how Account Administration is able to assist you, please visit us at

    Account Action: Suspension (24 Hours)

    Offense: Inappropriate
    This category includes both clear and masked language which:

    * Is a mildly inappropriate reference to human anatomy or bodily functions
    * Is otherwise considered objectionable

    Details (Note - Times are listed in Greenwich Mean Time, GMT):
    2013-09-29 00:17:03 xxxxxxx: todays youth is soo fucking lazy
    2013-09-29 00:17:13 xxxxxxx: they have it easy a fuck

    For further information, please view the World of Warcraft Policies and Terms of Use Agreement: Please be aware that additional inappropriate actions may result in further disciplinary action, up to or including Account Closure.

    We understand that these policies may seem harsh, but they are in place to ensure that every player is able to fully enjoy their travels in the World of Warcraft. Thank you in advance for respecting our position.


    Blizzard Entertainment

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    Are you complaining about being punished for using a word that violates the ToS ?
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    It sucks for you because pretty much every time I log in I'll see someone swear within a few minutes and no one will care.

    However you obviously annoyed someone enough to file a report, and well ... you did break the rules.

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    tough crap, you swore and someone didn't like it.

    next time learn to express yourself with out swearing, often its the last resort of those with a limited vocabulary.

    could have just gone with a damn youngins or get off my lawn.

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    A ban =/= Suspension get it right -.-

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    I would have reported you as well, I mean really, look at that grammar!

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    My favourite, was getting a 3 hour suspension for "spamming" because I logged in to a newish server and asked "Hey this server is meant to be quite populous, how mnay 25 man raiding guilds are still going?"* And then a few hours later "Vanilla enchanting mats on AH cheap, help someone new to the server get some starting gold "... few hours later suspended for spam ;D Wrote each one only once.

    *This was in Cata when lots of 25 mans fell apart.
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    Derpkitteh (I typed this with a straight face!), you're being wholly unreasonable here.
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    You are full of shit.

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    Is there an addon that runs a profanity filter on all your outgoing text? That'd be convenient for avoiding slipups.

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    You got suspended, not banned.

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    As sad as it is that someone was pathetic and angry enough to report you for that, it was technically against the rules. I don't personally think profanity should be bannable, since they have a filter specifically for it and if people are that childish they should use it, however I also don't make the rules unfortunately, and it will probably never change.

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    Ban =/= suspension, stop misleading people

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    As others have said, suspension isn't a ban. Either way it was against the rules so you can't blame Blizzard for respecting their written 'law'.

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    It makes sense, but this pisses me off to no end because of a personal matter where me and half of my realm were under daily harassment for a good 5 months at least from just one guild, daily basis calling us faggots and cussing at us for no reason, couldn't say anything in trade without them responding in some way. Reported them on a weekly basis and there was little punishment going out. So disappointing for Blizzard, they even flagged my name even though it was fine for a name change and I had to swap it for a week before I put in a ticket and had it reverted. Just silly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by I-NO View Post
    A ban =/= Suspension get it right -.-
    Sadly people on here rarely seem to understand that. It doesn't help when peoples accounts here are locked it says banned.

    OP Guard your words and actions or just think before your speak, in this case type.
    "Privilege is invisible to those who have it."

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    Whoa hey hold on there a second.

    There is no way that you'll get banned for being reported by one person, it's impossible.

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    Kind of funny if that's the reason, 20% of my vocabulary on wow is swearing, usually at idiots in lfr / life or just bored in trade chat, I usually just find someone in trade chat and pick on them.

    Seems silly to ban for swearing when there's a profanity filter people can turn on.
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    Simply posting your notification message from Blizzard isn't really sufficient basis for discussion. As others have noted, your 24-hour suspension, is hardly a ban and this, much like "I quit" threads doesn't really deserve much in the way of attention.

    Closing due to the thread title being misleading and there not being anything really to discuss.
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