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    If you lack melee debuffs guess what happens to a melee pet . . . .

    With that big differential, I'd check to make sure that Observer is not getting knocked back and that his attacks are on auto-cast. Frankly I'd go imp or Shivarra on that fight so I didn't have to worry about it.
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    So after using my pet for dispels on Sha of Pride in LFR i happened to notice the same thing. Im using recount not WoL but here are the results (DPS included, not just damage done)
    Attempt 1 Wipe - Observer
    Time of Attempt : 322.99 Seconds
    Damage Done : 5228688
    DPS : 16,188.4
    Attempt 2 Kill - Fel Imp
    Time of Attempt : 472 Seconds
    Damage Done : 7651591
    DPS : 16,211
    Hope this helps to clear the air a little bit, They are about equal
    This was with near equal uptime on the Power of the Ancients buff. It is really just fight dependant. Imp = Lots of swapping Observer edges it out on patchwerk. But if you need interrupts go observer, or dispels fel imp.
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    What does it matter? I have NEVER seen a warlock ever attempt to climb their way out of being terrible and cast their infernal or doomguard. I simply say, "cast your doomguard/infernal" and they raise their noses at me as if they know any better. It is so obvious that they /Athene, SUCK.

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