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    How to buy gw2 gold or legendaries and not get banned?

    Does anyone know how to buy gw2 gold, precursors, or legendaries without getting banned? I'm not arguing the morality or legality of doing so... I just want to know if anyone has or how they did it. I don't need names obviously.

    I have my own theory that I think might be safe. Buying a 2nd account, buying a precursor on swagvault or another big trusted site. Depositing said item into a small guild bank where only you as the GM have access to withdraw. And don't touch it for a month or so to see if anything happens. If any account gets banned it should be the one that bought it (the new account) maybe even do all of this on a friends pc (different IP address) for extra safety.

    What do you guys think? Anyone ever try this or something similar and get away with it?

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    We don't allow the discussion of things that will break the ToS here.

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