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    WW/MW Monk and Sublety rogue. (talking about PvP here)
    For WW I'd like to see more passive damage reduction, less roots, higher CD on Fists of Fury and perhaps have Roll evade all attacks while rolling.
    For MW I'd like to see more straight forward healing, instead of HoT healing or more absorb effects OR an actual healing CD that increases healing done, rather than a stupid 75k insta heal on a 3 min CD or a 200k bubble on a 2 min CD. Also, MW monks shouldn't be balanced around healing spheres tbh...

    As for sublety I only want 3 changes. FIX THE FUCKING STANCE BAR SWITCHING FFS. GIVE ROGUES MORE MOBILITY OR NERF THE SHIT OUT OF OTHER CLASSES THEIR MOBILITY and to give sublety rogues their 30% crit chance on backstab/ambush again.

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    Balancing aside, for my Priest I'd just like some visual changes. Shadowform and Mind Flay need a lot of love. Discipline as a whole could feel a little more unique.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lightplay View Post
    Shadow Priest, I'd like to see an overhaul in our abilities that stops us doing all or nothing dps in multi dotting vs single target, maybe a rebalance of dot power and a new spell that uses shadow orbs for multidotting so we can do decent single target without making the multidotting too strong
    I really gotta agree with this. I rolled a Priest, got her to 90 and she never really took off. Now it's 5.4 and they're at the bottom of the DPS rankings and I'd rather just take a (non-twink) level 85 warlock than a 90 shadow priest to run anything pre-MoP.
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    Hunter spec without pets. I hate pets but i like playing the role of an "archer" for lack of better terminology.

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    I play a bit of everything, I just want some of the spells combined or removed to clean up the action bars. Rotations need to be 4 buttons max and a 5th proc/situational spell.

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    Warlock since 2005.

    For the next expansion, I'd like to see the TBC style affliction make a return. Good old Shadowbolt and moar dots (5 it was, I believe? Corr, UA, SL, Imm, Haunt?). Multidotting ftw.

    I tried Aff at the start of MoP, but I've disliked the way Spriets' Mindflay looked since I first saw it, and there they went... Made my all-time fav spec into a spriest spin-off and cutting DoTs to add up to it :'-( went destro shortly after. Not that it comes close to Aff, but that darn MG animation... Boo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Noomz View Post
    Enhancement Shaman, more integrated spell damage rather than spell damage casts. More melee attacks. More damage. Even less CD dependence.
    This is how the spec felt in Wrath tbh. It's too bad that it shifted away from GCD locked, hack and slash, pissed off elemental dude.

    DK's need an overhaul of some sort. Not so much on the priority, but on how our class specs scale. Having one spec tied to a secondary stat (Frost=mastery) and another tied to a primary stat (Unholy=strength) is basically forcing Blizz to gimp one spec over the other at any given point in time. I think that Blood feel really good for what Blizzard is trying to do with tanking so maybe they shouldn't touch that so much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trollfaced View Post
    I can assure you no class has a rotation with only 2 spells and proccs, they already are advanced like it is IMO. Or how do you mean "complex rotation" as?
    Well I actually don't know (because i don't play dps specs anymore), it's a common complain tho. Yesterday, for example, I was talking abut this matter with 2 mages in my guild and they said that frost and fire rotations are basically the same on an overall.
    I for one i stopped playing my spriest because the rotation has lost in depth, and feels like playing every other caster spec: refersh dot(s), hard cast cds, filler and 1-2 procs. When i played it there was close to no rng involved with a strict priority system, the difference between a mediocre and an awesome player was all about timing and tracking.
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    I play holy priest the majority of the time and I'd love to see a chakra rework, it has to be one of the clunkiest abilities in the game. Rather than being a smart choice like it should be its basically " is it worth being stuck in this chakra for 30 secs" as very few boss abilities happen on a 30 sec timer. As a result most of the time you only stick to 1 chakra for the whole fight anyways and there is very little choice involved.
    I'd like to see them remove the penalty on chakras and just make the holy words a CD of some type
    I'd also like a good personal damage reduction CD (maybe make dispersion baseline)
    I'd like hymn of hope to be castable while moving (divine hymn too but mabye for a penalty as that would be OP)
    I see a lot of people complain about holy's mana regen but I actually like the mana management aspect and would rather see all other healers around the same regen then be buffed.
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    Mostly warlock and druid, especially since MoP when I no longer have time for other chars.
    Only want small changes honestly, like some tuning of talents and underused spells.

    For the next expansion, I'd like to see the TBC style affliction make a return. Good old Shadowbolt and moar dots (5 it was, I believe? Corr, UA, SL, Imm, Haunt?). Multidotting ftw.
    Wouldn't mind this really, especially having more DoT's is something I really miss.

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    i want locks to be less dependant on procs and cds, atleast for demo and destro
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    > warlock only
    > back to more dots and no SB:SS/SS crap
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    Quote Originally Posted by Khaza-R View Post
    Discipline as a whole could feel a little more unique.
    Wait, what? Disci is the most unique healing spec of the game...
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    I'd really like to see shadow priest single target damage buffed... We have been at the bottom of the list on single target through whole MoP.

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    I would love to see Rogues and Hunters get the same treatment Warlocks got when their three specs were more clearly differentiated and rationalized

    Warlock revamp was frickin' awesome and hell, and Rogues and Hunters need that too
    I feel like mages are already differentiated enough, but not Rogues and Hunters.

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    I'd love if enhance went back to being a "pure" melee specc. Also I'd like to see the speccs divided up by elements, with Elemental getting more fire spells.
    Ofc, they dont have to be 100% one element, due to silences and such, but more so than now.

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    I feel like they should give Death Knights the same treatment they gave to Warlocks in MoP, in my opinion Death knights are pretty generic at the moment, the rune system could use some improvements and the Runeforging needs a complete revamp.

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    I played Retribution Paladin and Shadow Priest mostly in MoP and in the next expansion I'd like to see some changes to Fire Mages (and Mages in general), Fire should have some kind of secondary resource (there was once a thread about a secondary resource "Heat" and it was really awesome). Mages in general could use more interesting talents.

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    A better expansion.
    Hunter - Petless MM and give the specs some flavor they are all way too similar in my opinion
    Mage - Scrap 90 Talents
    Druid - Make Bear less like I'm slammin down on a paino
    Priest - Give back something to make Shadow tanky in PVE
    Rogue - Whole scale revamp on the scale of MoP Warlock, probably even more than that.
    Shaman - Change Ascendance for Elemental to just give a DPS buff like Enhance.
    Warrior - Make prot feel less like I'm slamming down on a piano

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    I play a druid. I think it'd be cool if they made a solar counterpart to Starfall. Call it Solar Flare, have it do a tiny aoe burst, and apply sunfire on the targets.

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