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    Mages are a jumbled mess atm (not saying they are underpowered) they really need to rethink a lot of the talents imo. Most are either far too boring or restricting.

    Oh and I think hunters and warlocks need 1 spec to be petless.
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    I play a druid. I think it'd be cool if they made a solar counterpart to Starfall. Call it Solar Flare, have it do a tiny aoe burst, and apply sunfire on the targets.
    Sunburst would be a way cooler name for it.
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    Been a hunter since launch
    What I would like to see done to hunter is really diversify the specs. My idea would be something like this:

    Master of ranged weapons - High DPS out put with low mobility (Trade off)
    No pet
    Plenty of snares / traps to attempt to keep melee at bay
    Full stealth (like a rogue)
    Leather armor (So we can be sneaky too)

    Hybrid healer / raid utility (Debuffs, healing arrows, raid buffs) similar to the Bounty Hunter healing spec in TOR or Combat medic in SWG
    AOE Healing traps
    Ranged healing shots
    Poison Mastery to increase sting damage
    Mail Armor

    Beast Mastery:
    Pet tanking spec (Yes Raid tanking)
    Plate armor
    High health pools - low DPS output
    Pets gain bonuses to health, healing received, and armor
    Abilities to increase threat generation

    General outline but I think it would be cool

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    Mage -

    New level 90 talents. Remove what is there now and bake it into the class, then create something new that we want to use (not 3 unique polymorph spells). Really, the idea behind it is fine, but having as the final talent choice feels like a punishment for hitting max level. If Evocation/Invocation is kept, please remove the need to charge up before combat. I don't mind having a 1 min maintenance buff, but it sucks balls that I need to take the time to charge up before combat begins just to be at normal power, especially while not raiding.

    Rethink AoE. Mages have so many AoE spells and they suck for damage. Remember when mages were THE AoE class? Now we need to come up with wacky combos of spells to try and do as much damage as other classes can do with 1 button. Sure, Frost Orb is a great spell, but it has a 1 min CD.
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    I'd really like to see a hunter overhaul.

    The three specs need to be differentiated and need to find a unique feel and flavor. Right now, there's barely any rotational differences and very lackluster thematic differences.

    Animations need to be updated and made more interesting. Hunters suffer with bland combat and spell animations, much like rogues do. Aside from our pets, there's very little that's flash about a hunter, and our pet is seldom even seen in raid combat. It tends to get lost behind the boss with all the other pets and the melee dps.

    In a perfect world, I'd also love hunters to be given one raid utility or survivability cooldown, even if it's a copy of another class'.

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    Disc healer - i'd love to see all the smart healings take a walk. And i mean for all healers. Aoe smart healing is way too strong.

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    I play a resto druid, but the main thing I want to see changed are for feral, namely Shred. The position requirement is really outdated, and shred needs to be changed/removed/merged with mangle.

    Other than that, I want atonement healing gone, the potency of absorbs reduced, as well as a few buttons for resto removed (like lifebloom for example).

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