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    Coming back to wow after 2 years - A review-

    This is a thread for people who would like to play WoW again but don't know if they should. I used to be a guildmaster since vanilla and played all the way till cata before stopping. I have just got Mop a few days ago and after dinging 90 and doing some of the end game I have arived to the following conclusion

    Leveling up

    The Lore in MoP was amazing. I actually had fun doing it and all the characters were very lovable.
    The quests however were very linear and you had little choice in straying off the path. How ever I did enjoy this. It told a story and it was better then the previous sand-box-like questing.

    The 5 mans were rubbish. I played a tank at first, I had little if anything to do since holding aggro was no issue. As a healer I was drooling on my keyboard as little to no damage was going on. As dps , at one point I fell behind and the group went on without me.
    The bosses died before doing anything and when they did something it didn't really matter.

    All in all it was a bad experience. I sugest that either they do something fun with them or remove them alltogether and instead just throw some random xp at the players because doing them was not fun at all.

    The talents While the talents themselves were boring. You now get to specialize your class at level 10. I found this quite awesome since when speccing destruction youd get different spells then you had when you were affliction. You also had your rotation written down by the game developers, so that new players would have an ideea how their class worked.

    Learning the class Unfortunately, leveling up wouldn't teach you anything about playing your class. The only time you're chalanged is when you fight silver mobs, either then that it's extremly hard if not next to impossible to die. 5 mans being the joke they are, you are never pushed, as a new player into finding ways to do anything complex with your class, at any level of the game. This is kinda sad tbh considering that the comunity expects new players to know everething from enchanting to socketing to moving out of fire once they ding 90. Blizzard should take advantage of leveling and make it a tutorial for the game. If not they might as well make it optional and allow players to just create max level chars like guildwars 1 did.

    Guilds The moment I logged in I was invited to a guild making me go wtf. Aparantely it happens everywhere you go, guilds do invite you even when you're lvl 1. The people in the guild were not really talking, then again I didn't try to make contact either, and it was all..pointless (maybe I've had bad luck with the guild I've got in?!). Later I've found out that being in a guild gives you an xp boost and mount speed, while the guild gets gold off your ass from doing quests. i find this kinda wrong on so many levels tbh. Guilds should be something social and fun, not some weird ass symbiosis to be had. I could get into a discussion on how this is hurting new raiding guilds, but ill leave it for another time.

    Social interaction

    There wasn't any. Once I even asked how to get back to orgrimar in /1 and i could hear the crickets coming from my speakers. This is very sad for a multiplayer game, especialy for wow. Some of the best moments and the ones that stick out and I remember had happend along people i've met, people I would of never knowned had it not been for wow.
    In Mop id might as well be playing with bots since it would of been the exact same experience. There needs to be more incentive to comunicate with players. More group quests or dungeons that require cordonation and offer better rewards and xp. Otherwise playing on blizzard or on a private server is the exact same experience atm.

    The loot

    This has been an issue for many expansions and it still is one now. I manadge to understand the collours green and blue. Green is something you get from quests. Blue is something you get from dungeons and ocasionaly at the end of a long ass quest chain. But purple is something you get at lvl 90 regardless if its a dungeon a quest or a raid? Why do we have collours then? I even got an epic from a random quest from lorewalker cho. Seriously wtf? )
    Instead of epics add blue's and greens and make only a few bosses drop very few epics. That way players should be happy and excited when they finally get their hands on one of them. Otherwise it looses its value.

    I shouldnt touch this subject since I dont think I can add anything to the table. But from my experience as a veteran raider and raidleader i can easily say, its not raiding. No matter how much you try to make it seem like it is, its not.
    And the fact that you get tiers from doing it makes me sad to think of the people forced into lfr. Yes I said forced. if you have been in a serious raiding guild you know that your fellow mage who is fighting every night with you to get your raiding spot might be doing lfr. So if he is doing it you need to be competitive and do it as well, otherwise you fall behind and the raid leader will laugh at your dps.
    But then again I guess this is how the system is planed. You have to join lfr to carry the people who are having fun by playing bad or afking.

    I don't know why the comunity put up with this. I don't know who enjoys it and who is literaly having fun by doing it, but i dont think its going to go somewhere any time soon.

    All in all my overall experience. wow has turned for me from a game that had longevivty and was an addiction, where you could meet interesting people and socialise with folks from all around the world. To a game you log a bit per day play and log off. overall its good to play it once, see what it has to offer then sub off and join at the end of the next expansion.
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