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    [A] 13/14 SoO 10M LF Tank or Healer Malfurion

    Unscrupulous on Malfurion is looking for a tank or healer for our raid team. We are losing one of our tanks to real life conflicts. Our Resto Druid has a geared tank set and can play either role as needed. Ideal classes for tank would be Druid, Monk, DK or Paladin. Ideal classes for healer would be Monk, Shaman, or Druid. This position is an immediate opening that we need to fill to continue raid progression and push into heroic content! Even if you are not one of the preferred classes, we will always consider geared and capable players, so please contact me for further information if you think you would make a good fit.

    The guild was formed during early ICC in 2010 and has maintained the same core since then. Our current raid schedule is 7:30pm to 11pm (CST) Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

    Current healing team is Disc/Shadow Priest, Holy Paladin, and Resto Druid. Our main tank is a Warrior.

    A few links: Our website and World of Logs

    Contact information: Sakamae#1254 in game if you prefer over MMO-C

    - - - Updated - - -

    Still looking for a tank or heals for this week's raid progression!

    - - - Updated - - -

    We still need a tank or healer! Contact me if interested.
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    Still Looking

    We are still in need of a tank or healer replacement. Contact me if interested!

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    We are still looking for a tank or healer to fill our core raid spot. Please add me and we can chat! Sakamae#1254

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