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    I was once in your situation (I have 11 classes, 10 at lvl 90, 1 at lvl 89). I chose shaman as my 'main' and haven't regretted this decision so far.

    First of all and most important, my criteria on choosing a class was that I HAVE to enjoy all 3 specs. Because I know that if there is at least one spec I loathed, I'd always doubt to progress this character.

    Secondly, I had to decide what I enjoy the most between Damage Dealing, Tanking, or Healing. I decided that I love mostly DD and Healing.

    Thirdly, I had to decide what I enjoy the most melee or ranged. From my experience of leveling all the classes, I found myself most comfortable with ranged classes.

    These criteria have narrowed me down to choosing a shaman. Elemental is very fun and it's ranged. Shaman have a healing spec that I like too. And even though Enhancement is a melee spec, it's the only melee spec that I felt most comfortable with among other melee classes.

    Again, your first step on deciding a main is to make sure you like all 3 specs on that class. If you can't find one, then it has to be at least 2.

    I hope this will help you to decide your new main class

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    no pressure son, you are allowed to fail in any way you please. you are an altoholic, stand by it. don't get me wrong, i'm not trolling you. i'm the same, except when i play in raids, i make sure not to be a burden. i play 11 90's, none less than ilvl 502, highest (these days called main) 555.

    why do you even bother to choose, i play since vanilla, i never had a real main, always played the new published class/race most for a few months or until a new class/race came out. i enjoy leveling and exploring different races and classes and being able to choose which i wanna spend time with each day i play. don't let people force you to choose, but also don't be the main reason for wipes

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cyrops View Post
    People are looking at this problem from the wrong perspective and giving wrong advice.
    You need to find out NOT what is the most 'fun' to play, but what is least 'crap'.

    Queue long and boring explanation:
    The number of classes is irrelevant.
    There are 3 roles in the game: healing, damage dealing, tanking.
    Now, think what pisses you off the most while grouped with other people:
    If you are a healer, does it piss you off when tank dies in 1second before you realise he took the damage? Don't play a healer.
    If you are a tank, does it piss you off when you get no heals for 5mins and die then the group kills the boss? Don't play a tank.
    If you are a DPS, does it piss you off you have to tank mobs and then die from 1% dmg each tick after 5mins because you received no healing? Don't play a DPS.
    Now think which of the 3 you can deal with on a daily basis, and choose the role you want to play.
    Now think about your gameplay during combat:
    Do you hate running around, chasing stuff to kill all the time? Melee with limited mobility is out of the question.
    Do you hate having to cancel spellcast just to move out of fire on ground? Casters might not be for you.
    Do you hate to wait for damage to appear while watching castbar filling up? Casters might not be for you.
    Do you hate to see average numbers and no big crits? Class with low burst might not be for you.
    Do you hate to switch targets because you have to reapply debuffs/dots? Class with ramp up time might not be for you.
    Do you hate to die to stupid shit you could avoid with defensive cooldowns? Might want to avoid playing class that has weak/no defensive cooldowns/immunities.
    Do you hate to die to steady damage because healers are just too lazy to heal you once? Might want to play a class with some sort of self healing.
    Do you hate buggy pet AI? Don't play a class with pets.
    Do you hate to push 1-3 buttons 24/7? Don't play a class with simple rotation.

    Things outside of combat:
    Do you hate to wait for people to do a corpse run? Might want to play a class with resurection ability.
    Do you hate your 'slow' mount? Might want to play a class that can increase mount speed .
    Do you hate to have to travel everywhere? Might want to look at classes with teleportation.
    Do you hate to sit around waiting for tank/healer/dps? Might want to play a class with several possible roles.
    Do you hate long queue times for PvE? Might want to play tank/healer.

    Solo play:
    Do you hate not being able to solo elites/rares? Might want to play a class good at soloing.
    Do you hate not being able to do old raids? Might want to play a class good at soloing.
    Do you hate to be a healer and do poor damage while soloing? Might want to play a healer class with caster DPS spec.
    Do you hate to be a tank and do poor damage while soloing? Don't play a tank.

    Hope this helps you,
    and this gave me a great idea.
    Nice to see someone who really wants to help.

    I am just going to say, i have no idea how you feel lol. I made my warlock in Vanilla as my first toon and it is still my main. Dont get me wrong, i have other toons that are "semi-mains". Example: My Rogue is only pvp, my warrior is my arms pvp/pve tank and my Priest is my "mainalt" Shadow Pve/Healer. All of them fit a speicifc purpose and i enjoy them. However, i do everything with my warlock

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    I got a mate (the guy who got me into wow) who is the same, he has never had a main. Because of this he's never had an especially geared character in any expansion pack, the classes he's playing at the time get to a "more or less decent" before he moves to play a new alt or another char or just quits wow, then he comes back and does it all over again.

    If after 4 expansions of playing + Vanilla and you haven't found a main then you probably never will, I've accepted that my friend is never going to settle on a character, every time he starts to get somewhere with one he gets distracted by another class and has always done this.

    I started with a Tauren Warrior and that is my main, I do play alts but I put more effort into my Warrior. Because of this I play it better, it has better gear and I get a greater sense of accomplishment from the things I can do with it than with playing my alts, because it feels like its "my" class and I've now got a lot of good memories associated with that character.
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    I have no problem with ppl having tons of toons and wanting to play several but when it effects a raid group thats when it becomes a huge inconvenience. I've known players that get their "main" geared, get bored, then suddenly expect their raid group to rotate in one of their undergeared alts. If you want varity play a hybrid class.

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    I've been in this situation as well. I've been a GM, a raid leader, an officer and at times just a regular raider. I've found that when I'm part of a raid team that I have no control over it's easy to just play one toon. There tend to be restrictions to what you can change to and when you can do it. But when I'm in a leadership position I want to make myself as useful to the group in order to help it succeed. That's when I find myself looking for reasons to move around, to give us the best comp.

    I don't have much advice, but I feel your pain. I wish I could settle on one toon like a lot of people seem to be able to, but I'm constantly finding myself with the itch for something new and different. Good luck my friend!

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    Quote Originally Posted by lightplay View Post
    Hey I've been playing WoW since vanilla and tbh I still really enjoy playing it, made some great friends and been in some fun guilds however in my 301 days played I haven't managed to stick on a character long enough and it really bothers me that I can't stick to one, it affects the raid team i'm in and how well I can develop my character. I currently have 10 lvl 90s with an average ilvl across all of them of 501 (544 and 534 being my highest).

    I was wondering if anyone had any advice and/or if they were in the same situation as me and found something that worked for you?

    thanks for reading,
    I was an aloholic for quite a while until toward the end of Cata. After I sold my account, I started over with a Shaman and a Druid, hated the Shaman, started over as a DK, loved it.

    Decided I wanted to focus on one character, deleted the Shaman, kept the Druid just to heal alt runs. Now I don't really even play my Druid anymore (haven't even gotten him to 90). I've been focusing on achievments in my downtime, doing things I never took the time to do before because I had so many alts. It's nice to relax and continually see one character improve on the little things I always ignored instead of chasing gear on so many different characters.

    Took me a while, and this probably doesn't help much, but I finally settled on one and I love it. The thought of multiple characters just kind of gives me the shivers now.

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    I don't think I could bring myself to delete all my other characters, as I have a ton of history on them, not to mention items and whatnot. But it's probably what it would take.

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    I was a serious altoholic in Wrath/Cata. I've toned way down since MoP and the hellish grind that is 85-90. My advice would be to look at the quality of life for each class and go with that. I'm down to three "mains" and prof alts at this point. Panda monk main Horde side because he's fucking cool. A big fat panda monk? Gimme. A panda spriest because I love me some shadowform and he's a glorified prof alt / maybe pvp toon. Third is my worgen druid, who was until recently a tauren, but I couldn't look at that fucking model any more and I wanted the one 90 in each faction achievement.

    Short version is, if I had to chose just one, it would be my worgen druid, hands down. It's the stack of little things that add up, most of 'em are quality of life issues, really. You can play any of the four roles in WoW (I say melee and ranged dps are separate), so that helps a lot. Get bored with one, grind out a quick set of gear and give it a shot. But when it comes down to it, for me it's all about the quality of life things like instant cast flight form, passive speed boost (even in caster form) from Feline Swiftness, three active speed boosts (two from druid, one from worgen racial), tracking abilities, aquatic form, being able to gather in flight form... these are all little things that add up fairly quickly to a higher quality of life while playing long term. Then there's the absolute kicker. Stealth. Oh, holy shit is that useful. And of the two classes in game with true stealth, the druid is far more versatile than the rogue.

    To me that toon is the best of all possible worlds. Any role I want and hands down the highest quality of life of any toon I've played. Not for everyone, sure, but it works for me.
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