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    Looking for a addon for Dispells

    Just bought a guild and want to try and build something out of it. I would also like to be somewhat successful. What I am looking for is a addon that does what I am describing below.
    I have used Recount in the past not sure if it is real accurate or not.

    Im looking for a addon for Dispells interupts etc for RBG's

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    The problem with recount is reach, you won't know who interrupted at Mines if you're at LH and such. A good way to collect the data is to have three or four people to pool the data together and make what you will of it. That said, I may be crazy but I'll do a BG and it'll only said I did one interrupt (MW Monk) and I'll be able to recall several times where I got the counter (OR I'M REALLY BAD).
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