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    Dear WoW Community - I Need Your Help, and Support. (Blues please help).

    Hello. On 10/17/2013 I got an e-mail from Blizzard saying my account is "banned" for: Reason for Closure: Terms of Use Violation -- Exploitative Activity: Abuse of the Economy.

    I thought my account was hacked because I don't buy/sell anything for real currency in the game from players. So I appealed the ban. I explained that I think my account was maybe hacked because I don't do such activities.
    Later on Blizzard sent me an e-mail apologizing. Realizing that they banned me, and many others by accident. I seen many people complaining that do not live in America that they were banned, and cannot access battle.net.

    Game Master Paelgaldwiel here.

    World of Warcraft - License Issue

    Recently, your license was actioned incorrectly. As part of our efforts to protect the World of Warcraft environment from exploitative behavior, we recently closed licenses associated with the use of third party programs. These closures were not intended to affect compromised licenses.

    Access to this license been restored and all actions have been removed. If your license was previously reported as compromised and was waiting for an investigation, this action has not interrupted that process.

    We will be compensating this license with 48 hours of game time. This time credit will appear in the Subscription Payment History section of Battle.net Account Management (https://battle.net/account/managemen...t-history.html). If it does not appear within 72 hours, please reply to this ticket so that we may investigate this issue.

    We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. If you have additional questions or concerns, please reply to this ticket.


    Game Master Paelgaldwiel
    Customer Services
    Blizzard Entertainment
    They lifted the ban, and left my account and licenses locked. I can still log into my account. However, I can't play the game.

    Now here is the problem.

    When I started playing WoW, and made my account. I was young and did not know how important it is to put my real name on my account. I tried to call Blizzard this morning but they were very unwelcoming, and very strict about something so small. I understand their viewpoint but I think it's silly that I am the account owner/creator/player/payer and etc. I been playing this game for many many years. I spent too much of my life on this account to just give it up. And just because I don't like giving my real information they lock me out of my own account?
    I seen Blues on these forums that pulled strings to help players like me. I'm not the only one who had things happened like this. Many players were in the same situation. They don't put their real information on the account, and the account gets locked for a random reason, can't play the game, make a post, and Blues come to the rescue.
    Any advice, ideas, support for me? This really makes me want to cry. I love this game, and I love all the progress and achievements I got through all these years. I especially love my lvl 90 priest. This game is a part of my life, and my account is a part of it too.

    - - - Updated - - -

    I wanted to add that I cannot get access to battle.net

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    We can't do anything here to affect Blizzard's decisions. All we can do is advise you to contact Blizzard. You do not have to have to have an account to contact them via phone or email, and you mentioned you can log into your account, so you can at least send them a ticket.

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