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    i just got a shaman to 90

    im planning on doing PVP which is better enhancement or elemental, but ive only ever played melee classes, warrior,dk

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    Your question is rather absurd.

    Better in what way? What are your criteria for determining "better"?
    Better against what opponents and which compositions?
    Better in BGs or Arena or World PvP or some other form of PvP?

    I suggest posting a lot more details if you expect reliable help from the community.
    Also you can watch 5.4 pvp videos/streaming made by elem and enha players, and then see for yourself what play style you prefer.

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    well il be doing rated bg's maybe arena and i mean better as in which one does more damage on any opponent

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    both specs are good, the question is what u think to do, which groupsetup?
    Shaman 4 Life

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    Well, PvP just doesn´t work that way really. "Who does more dmg" isn´t a propper tool for choosing a PvP spec. I would say, if you plan on doing Rated BGs then go with whatever you find more fun to play and focus on finding a good group to play with. On BGs coordination and coopoeration with your team beats any class issues you might have.

    Having said that, keep in mind that Restoration has, historically, been the PvP power house of the class.

    I did a small ammount of pvp (with some crafted gear) with my enhancement spec and I have to say that it was far from the horror story it used to be. Just get some gear and in a pvp guild and start having fun.

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    I play Ele shammy in PVE, but will only play Melee characters in PVP as I cannot stand to be interrupted. Plus I feel I am better at melee in pvp.

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