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    Macroing tinker gloves in with another spell

    Hey guys!

    Is there any way you can macro the tinker glove cd in with a filter spell? As in whenever i cast Chaos bolt it'll proc? and i can keep casting it until it's off cd too? I'm not very smart with Macros

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    #showtooltip chaos bolt
    /use 10
    /cast chaos bolt

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    it's worth noting that's not really optimal and if possible you should just make a separate bind for the gloves and track the cooldown w/ an aura

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    Quote Originally Posted by badaku View Post
    #showtooltip chaos bolt
    /use 10
    /cast chaos bolt
    This (although the /train part is for teh lulz )
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    I would do #showtooltip (your gloves) not the Spell though.
    Usually People macro anything that is off the Global Cooldown together with some sort of Key Spell.

    Like for your Engineering Example, you would also add

    /use 10
    /cast Dark Soul: Instability
    /cast Chaos Bolt
    /use 6 {[that is frag Belt]}

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