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    Another "Why I don't play anymore." story.

    I've been very nostalgic lately, so I though I would go against my norm and express my thoughts. This will not be anything new and is not me QQ, just putting my thoughts out there.

    I have played WoW since the end of vanilla. I started out like most at that time not really knowing what was going on or how to do everything but it was amazing. TBC came out and it too was amazing, I wasn't level 60 yet (I think I was mid 40's) and I can remember being so excited to reach level 58 to be able to go into Outlands. I remember staying up for hours one night because I was so close to level 70 and just had to finish it out. I had a close friend that started WoW with me helping me out, even loaned me some gold to get my flying mount (because it used to be really expensive). I remember finding out what the raiding stuff was all about, and how some of the people running around got their really awesome gear and I wanted to achieve that. I learned about the "kara key" and how to obtain it, and FINALLY got invited into a raid as an OT. I was like "I don't know how to raid but I know how to tank.", my raid was really good people and just said no problem just hold aggro on X, and man did I hold aggro on X lol. I was so nervous I would fail, but I didn't X did not leave my side. I'm going to start getting to the point here, I seen a couple more raids though wasn't able see all (SSC, Hyjal, BT, etc..) and I was okay with that, I actually loved that there was this elite stuff that I could strive for. Now like it has been said so many times everything is too easy and on the same playing field as everything else. I'm not talking about difficulty as in HM vs NM crap, I'm talking about earning your way to epicness. LFR sucks, the quick gear up system sucks, the cheapness of everything sucks. I just personally don't like WoW being a handout now, just makes me care less which really sucks because it was so epic feeling when you actually accomplished something.

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    I'm sorry, but we don't allow "I Quit" threads here. Posts like this are more suited to personal blogs than a discussion forum as the decision is subjective and there is nothing to discuss about it.

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