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    Struggling on Garrosh (10m)

    Hey folks

    We just had a few tries on Garrosh last Thursday: http://worldoflogs.com/reports/z3zbu...ses&boss=71865

    Our raid:
    1x Prot Pala
    1x Blood DK

    1x Rest Shaman
    1x Resto Druid
    1x Diszi

    1x Mage
    1x WL
    1x Warri
    1x Rogue
    1x Hunter

    We cleared the instance quite fast up to Garrosh and had 16 tries on him but only got to phase 2 a couple of times. Our tanks are getting huge damage pikes and sometimes die to them. I have read in this thread that we should try 2-healing Garrosh. But due to the high damage pikes I guess our tanks will die even erlier. Their ilvl is 550+ I guess (logged out in different gear so cant look in armory atm).

    Do you guys think we should give the two healing option a try or isnt it worth it? Do you have any further suggestions based on the logfiles? FYI: Our hunter will be our "standard" hunter today, who will do a lot more DPS than the random one in the logs. The one in the logs was rnd due to our hunter not being available that day.

    Thanks for your time!
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    We switched to 2 healing after being comp restricted to 3 healing the first week. Went from wiping mid way through P2 with 3 healers, to a 5 attempt kill with 2 healers.

    Running 6DPS means the adds in P1 die a lot faster and reduces the chance of a tank getting gimped when the war banner goes down. It also means you can push for only 2 sets of adds, though this would require a good comp and 3 is more common, but you can clear the 3rd add pack whilst Garrosh is doing his RP stuff on the phase change.

    Running 6DPS also means that P2 is much shorter, so Garrosh doesn't gain Empowered Whirling Corruption until late in P2 and should only manage to use this 2 or 3 times.

    If you 3 heal, you'll have to be prepared to heal through significantly more Empowered Whirling Corruptions, both because P2 will be longer and also because Garrosh will hit the 25 energy mark sooner as the Transitions will take you longer with a DPS less.

    We did Garrosh with a Prot Paladin and Prot Warrior the first time, both sub 550ilvl geared, with a Resto Druid and Mistweaver Monk healing (530 no legendary cloak Druid / 550 with legendary cloak Monk). The tank damage is very spiky, both your tanks and healers need to be prepared to react to spike damage very fast, I haven't checked the logs yet but I'll try and get back to you with more information very fast!

    At one point, Garrosh was getting buffed by MC'd people and critting the tanks, I don't know if this has been fixed yet but I know I got one shot on one of our pulls in the first week.
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    With 3 healers your p2 will last alot longer and will spend almost all your time sub 40% p2 dealing with adds and MCs leaving very little time for actual boss dps.

    We got our first kill last night using a quite a similar setup to yourselves.

    Prot Warr
    Blood DK

    Resto Shammy
    Disc Priest

    S Priest

    I would say the main issue with 2 healing is the damage spikes in P1 on the tanks. but once you get past that the tank dmg is pretty tame. Make sure you are using the Iron Stars properly. They will do around 50% of the adds hp and then you have no damage to worry about on your add tank. I would suggest tanking to the opposite side to the throne and letting the throne side iron star roll across. The first 2 wolf rider spawns match the iron star and will drop them to 40% before they even come to you. Have the raid on the other side of the boss so the spawns adds must run through melee if the healers get aggro, will make them very easy to pick up (or use a MD).

    with 2 healers make sure you know what ur doing with ur raid cds. Empowered whirling corruption can be quite nasty as you cant really be stacked. Save things like healing tide, rallying cry, devo aura, vamp embrace etc for these and use things like spirit link, smoke bomb, and barrier for the intermission phases. The adds from the whirling corruption were the thing that gave us the most problems in this phase. get the dps to aggro the one that spawns under themselves and burst it down, don't kite it just face tank it. problems arise when an add gets buffed and starts beating on a non tank. if that occurs tanks should grab that one. tanks can also grab 1 or 2 at the start and then a taunting dps can move them out once all others have been killed.

    For p3 we tried killed these adds but after a couple of sub 5% wipes we just had a tank pick them all up and nuked boss and MCs. boss died b4 the 2nd set.

    we also encountered something very strange.. when our dps warrior charged garrosh he would get a melee swing on him. just one, he would not gain threat just get whacked. 80% of the time this killed him until we concluded that charge somehow was causing it. It didnt happen again once he stopped using charge @ garrosh. I couldn't find info on this anywhere so just a heads up if ur warrior randomly gets hit for 1M xD
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    Oh - another point, we had our add tank (Prot Warrior) drag the adds to me straight away and I start AOEing, with the 200k+ Vengeance from Garrosh, the adds melt and you can be doing 450-700k DPS as a Prot Paladin depending a little bit on RNG. It does mean that you almost instantly overaggro the other tank, so you'll need to chain cooldowns if you choose to do this, but it means that by the time an Iron Star comes in, the adds will be easily sub 50% and get killed in one hit by the star.

    If you do want to do this, I used Holy Avenger and Divine Protection with Wings for the first pack. Ardent Defender with externals for the 2nd pack and Guardian of Ancient Kings on the third pack. When the war banner went down, to stop me getting gibbed, we aoe stunned them for a few seconds. Getting a big 5 stack Bastion Eternal Flame up and keeping it there every time the adds start on you, you'll be doing well in excess of 50k HPS even if your healers are pro

    Makes P1 a total cake walk as the adds drop really fast and so does Garrosh, as well as going a little bit god mode with the Vengeance levels reached (with some hardcore spikes to watch out for ofc).
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    Bear in mind I only checked one attempt (the 2:48 one)

    Your prot pala:
    1) He's using the dps cloak. He should use the tanking one for this fight. If you ask the question, "Are my tanks dieing a lot?" and the answer is yes, then the clear choice is the tanking cloak. The boss hits hard enough to justify it.
    2) His uptime on sacred shield is 17%. He should refresh it at high vengeance (like anytime in the fight :P) for big absorbs. Since he has the last tier's 2 piece bonus EF would arguably be a better talent since he seems to like casting WOG anyway.
    3) He was also using the dps meta. The tanking meta is a clear winner this tier since it is now a reduction of all damage and it has a great uptime.
    4) Holy prism is a better choice for this fight over lights hammer imo. It does a lot of raid healing and has a far shorter CD

    The disc priest is just smiting his nuts off. He should actually try to cast heals like POM and PW:S more (he has PW:S glyphed - yuk) Is he penancing the tanks for the 30% extra healing it gives? Despite this, he was the best healer by a fair margin on the fight which is odd if people are dieing.

    I checked later attempts, seems the pala improved his SS uptime quite a lot and switched to the tank cloak. He still needs to get the tank meta tho.

    2 healing is a matter of preference. Stuff dies faster so less damage but your healers need to be happy that they can deal with the high damage phases (theres a lot of them) and you need to factor in your raid utility.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zabuzan View Post
    It does mean that you almost instantly overaggro the other tank
    The alternative to tanking everything is just to have the OT taunt the boss of you. This is how we approached picking up the adds, works well.

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    Thanks all, we downed him last night... But I was forced to go ele which I, if you check the logs, cant play obviously

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