It's been a while since I've had the time to get anything vaguely constructive out of the notes we've had from the last few bosses, as for Spoils, Thok and SC we had quite a lot of trial and error going on to work out the strat rather than preparing in advance. For Paragons I did make a full guide and I've reverse tailored it for the general public from our raid specific strat.

Paragons Guide is now up and running on both MMO and VK.

Need to go back and fill in the gaps on Spoils, Thok and Siegecrafter (though I REALLY wouldn't recommend using our Siegecrafter strat, so I might wait until Team 2 have killed it with their strat before writing that up). I might not realistically get time to do so until Garrosh, though I've already got a guide sorted for that, but still need to get the boss down before I've got the proof in the pudding that it works!