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    Do the cloak quest or not? As in, this late into an expansion and squish coming....

    Returned with two friends, I have started the cloak quest but am wondering if its worth the time. That rep grind is silly, but I did get to revered which means only twice as long to exalted :P I know for sure I would not try it on more than one but even finishing the first may be not so fun.

    So is it worth the time this late into the expansion?
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    The rep grind really doesn't take long, couple or so hours if you do it in one chunk with a few other people. The runestones are what has taken me ages.

    It's still worth doing though in my opinion, not only because you'll get to complete an interesting story, but for the achievement (if there is one). Besides, what else do you have to do?

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    The rep grind is annoying but doable, the annoying thing are the other steps 3k valor, 20 secrets, 12 runestones that just takes time to grind.

    Is the cloak worth it in some ways yes even when you calculate with about 2 months of grinding for the different steps, and i think thats an ok estimate, you will still end up getting the cloak at a time where you can still use it in the expansion.
    WoD is NOT around the corner no beta yet and beta usually takes some time.
    personally I guess we will look at another september launch for WoD. Best case early august. So from those estimates, you will get the cloak late march and have about 4-5 months of playing around with it.

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    Returned with two friends, I have started the cloak quest but am wondering if its worth the time. That rep grind is silly, but I did get to revered which means only twice as long to exalted :P I know for sure I would not try it on more than one but even finishing the first may be not so fun.

    So is it worth the time this late into the expansion?
    I would do it on your main, just to have it. The rep grind is really easy, I did each grind in probably under an hour on IoT (and just recently again for my GF's toon).

    The longest portion of the quest is your 3k VP, and you'll be getting that anyway.

    I say do it. I won't be doing it on my alts this late in the expansion, but it's worth having on your main.

    I refuse to do another because I don't want to bother with LFR ever again.
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    Really doesn't take that long at all. The story and the solo scenarios are very very fun and the rep grind isn't all that bad - Just goto Thunder island with a couple of friends and you will be done in a couple of hour sessions or 2 hours if you want to do it all at once. The Runestones are quite annoying, but at least when you get to that part you know its a maximum of 6 weeks with the guaranteed drops alone.

    In my opinion the item you get at the end isn't of the greatest importance, the quest in itself is alot of fun and worth seeing through to the end, even if it is made up of alot of grind,

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    Doesn't hurt to try. If you don't finish, at least you'll be part-way through the quest chain in case you decide someday to come back and do it for the achievements.

    Realistically, you're looking at about 3 months time to finish it if you're starting from the beginning. ~2 weeks for the Sigils. 3 weeks for the valor. 3-4 weeks for the secrets. 3-4 weeks for the runestones.

    The squish really shouldn't be a factor. It is proportional and the cloak will be effective for the same amount of time as it would have been without the squish. If I had to guess I'd think it will be BiS until 100, or at least close to 100. That means faster, smoother leveling when WoD comes out.
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    No, it's not worth it if you dont' care about having a legendary item. However, if you're going to run raids weekly anyway, you might as well do it. Once you get past the rep grind the stuff you do specifically for the quest is quick except for gathering the Secrets of the Empire and the Titan Runestones. Those are RNG drops in raids. Now, if you're doing the raids every week in any event? Sure, grab the quests. Might as well. But I wouldn't invest hours and hours of my life in that questline at this point specifically to get the cloak.

    Obviously, this changes if you want to app to heroic guilds, etc.

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    Might as well get it started - that's what I figured about a month ago. Only 2+ months to go now. Besides knowing Blizz the expansion is likely not coming as "Soon" as we think it might.

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    Yes you have plenty of time. You will at least get the meta gem out of it anyway. It'll take you about 1.5 months? WoD is much further away.

    Also, if you start the quest chain it will basically complete itself as you raid. You can do the first stage in 1-2 weeks now, then you'll just need to do some sidequests and it's on to ToT/SoO to do the rest. The Titan Runestones are probably the most frustrating part. Important thing is to start it ASAP, any week you raid without being on the relevant part of the chain you're wasting potential Runestone/Secret drops.
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    Do it, because the item squish wont affect it any more than any other item. It's still going to be BiS at level 90
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    With SoO released all steps except for Valor/Rep takes a lot less time to complete. The cloak is ilvl 608, by far BiS and will stay like that the first levels in WoD probably, so yeah, go for it!

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    the next expansion is 6 to 8 months away and to get the cloak it takes aorundish 3months, give or take with lucky drops, so it is worth doing.
    its a interesting goal

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    I'm surprised no-one has mentioned this, but...

    The cloak is also great fun! At least for the first month or two, that neat proc, it's unique look, and the amount of AoE damage/healing it can output is fun.

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    Get the cloak, WoD is still FAR FAR away, don't kid yourself thinking it's around the corner! You'll have plenty of use of it

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    I did it for my Rogue, no way in hell I want to do it again on my DK. I hate rep grinds with a passion.
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    As others have mentioned WoD is a long way away. I've completed multiple cloaks, and it takes 2-2.5 months with good rng, 2.5-3 months with bad if you make sure to cap your valor and run ToT and Siege for all of your drop chances on secrets and runestones each week. For my dps toons, I just farmed IoT mobs while in queue or Vale mogu to earn rep while I was waiting. It made the Black Prince rep go by very quickly. It is so worth having if you are going to do any raiding the rest of the xpac.

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    The rep grind I found wasn't bad but I was doing stuff on TOT anyways so I ended up being one of those 2 birds with one stone type of deal. It was just waiting for the random drops and of course the 3k Valour took 3 weeks. If you do end up going for it read up on each stage so your prepared as possible for each stage.

    I would go for it. As the one designer said beta is not going to be for awhile and your looking at a few months of beta.

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    If you're going to raid with the toon, I would get the cloak. Yeah, it'll become obsolete in WoD, but so will the gear you're going to get while raiding. If you think raiding is still worthwhile at this point, then you should think gearing your toon is as well, imo.

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    if u plan to do competative dps in raiding within the next 6 months then id say ya

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