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    Help with an upgrade !??

    Just getting back into the game an my prot paly is using http://us.battle.net/wow/en/item/89396 any suggestions for an upgrade? Looked at crafting one but the rebound look like they take 30 days for the mats, LFR maybe ? Thanks for any help!

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    Run LFR. You can get greater coins off of the Isle of Thunder key run which you can use to roll extra gear from MV-HoF-ToES. After which you can head to the timeless isle to get "free" gear and get timeless coins which you can spend on Mogu Runes of Fate. Those will let you extra roll on ToT bosses in lfr/normal/heroic, just like the others. You can look at the dungeon journel -shift J- to see which bosses drop the weapon you might want. SoO Lfr and Flex are meant for more geared people, and if you just came back, I assume your Ilvl is not high enough yet. Until then, run old bosses through lfr and normal for loot.

    List of Prot Pally weapons:
    1. Axe from Elegon in MV
    2. Sword off Amber-Shaper in HoF
    4. Sword off Sha of Fear in ToES
    5. Axe off Jin'rokh in ToT
    6. Mace off Primordious in ToT
    7. Sword off Iron Qon in ToT

    8. and on. The rest of the raid specific weapons come from SoO which, by the time you get there, you should know what you want.

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