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    Question Help me tank again

    I recently returned from a long break, and noticed something...strange

    Before i left i had no trouble tanking on my DK, and even doing some decent damage while doing it.

    But now the DPS classes damage seems to have exploded, and consequently i cant seem to hold aggro worth a damn in heroics (farming valor to upgrade my gear).

    Either im doing something wrong (which might be a possibility) or i need help doing some upgrades?

    im using the same tanking ability priority as I did in the start of MoP (diseases up, spread them, and so forth)

    I was hoping to start tanking a bit of LFR, and perhaps later on Flex raids, but as it looks right now im not sure i dare =(

    here is a link to my armory profile : http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/characte...Greghor/simple

    thanks for any help you can provide.

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    You barely get any vengeance in 5 mans, you'd probably have an easier time in lfr.

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    It would help to know what sort of gearlevel or dps level the people in these heroics were pushing. Death knight snap-threat isn't particularly high, so I'd guess it's just a combination of both: your gear is lower than theirs and as a DK you won't pick up threat fast. Tank threat was buffed significantly for a few seconds after taunting, so there's that.

    I wouldn't worry so much about underthreating in LFR. You might do it, but your bigger issues will be keeping threat off the other tank after a tankswap, and telling that tank you might pull lower numbers ahead of time might help.

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    You get big jump in threat if you have a good amount of hit rating as a tank. Well for warrior that is if i just stack crit and mastery my threat goes down hill but i can take larger hits but maxed hit rating and crit my threat sky rockets off auto attacks i have to stand still letting the other tank build up threat. For DK i never played them it might be the same just tinker around with the HR and masteries a bit

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    thank you for the replies.

    Im almost at 7.5 hit and expertise =)

    I havent checked the itemlevels of the dps' characters that i have problems with holding aggro from, but as an example i met a paladin tonight that did around 250k DPS, and he was outaggroing me, even without Righteous Fury =\

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    What kind of damage are you pulling to compare to this pally? If you are only pulling 60-80k while he is pulling 250k+ then yeah you won't have a fun time holding aggro

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    I wouldn't worry too much. If you get queued up with a current raid-geared DPS in a 5-man, it will be very hard to hold aggro, not that you even need to because things will die so fast.

    Start doing LFR (ToT and Siege for gearing up, MSV/HoF/ToES only if you need Sigils for the legendary quest) and see how it goes there. Also, you should run heroic scenarios rather than heroic 5-mans to gear up. You get one box each day that has a chance at containing a 516 item and it's a faster source of VP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cryopathy View Post
    I wouldn't worry too much. If you get queued up with a current raid-geared DPS in a 5-man, it will be very hard to hold aggro, not that you even need to because things will die so fast.
    Im gonna be honest. those few times i do heroics nowadays il just do it as frost with shifting presence glyph. 4-6min heroic depending on what one u get. so what cryo said is basically correct. aslong as dps dont chain die constantly i wouldnt bother to much
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